Hello to our new students.

We are really sorry that we are not able to come and see you all in person at the moment to tell you everything that you need to know about your new school. As we are not able to, we wanted to make sure that we still shared with you all of the information that you need. We will be sending you a weekly update every Wednesday for the next few weeks and we have created this “Year 6 transition” page which has lots of information for you to have a look at. The weekly update will cover the main things, so you might want to wait for this rather than looking at everything on this page as there is a lot of information and it might be too much for you to take in all at once.

My name is Miss Greenhalgh and I am the Head of School at Millthorpe School and many of you will have seen me at Open Evening. I have worked at Millthorpe for three years and remember, like you, what it’s like to join a new school and I didn’t know anyone as I moved across from a school in Lancashire. But what I can tell you about Millthorpe is that you shouldn’t worry; it’s the friendliest school I’ve worked in with the best pastoral care team to help you settle in to your new secondary school. We know that it will be even more worrying than normal at the moment whilst there is a lot that we are unsure about in the country but we will do everything we can to make sure you feel safe, happy and like a Millthorpian as soon as you arrive. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and seeing you all at school soon.

My name is Mr Baybutt and I am the Assistant Headteacher for Pastoral Care at Millthorpe. I have worked at Millthorpe for 12 years and have been part of the Pastoral Team for 10 years. In those 10 years, Ms Simpson and I have been in charge of Year 6 transition and I have helped over 2,100 students to make the move to Millthorpe. I have lots of experience in this role and I will make sure that I do everything that I can to make your transition to Millthorpe as straightforward as possible. It is fair to say that it is a bit more difficult this year, due to everything that is happening at the moment, but I will do my very best. I work with an amazing Pastoral Team and they will all work really hard to make sure that you settle in and that we look after you for the next 5 years.

My name is Ms Simpson and I work in the Pastoral and Inclusion Teams to make sure that everyone who needs some kind of extra support has their needs met. Some students need help with spelling, writing, maths, making friends, keeping calm or anything else. We are all different! I make sure, with Mr Baybutt and Miss Johnson, that we have enough information about you from you, your parents/carers and your teachers so that the step into Millthorpe is not too hard (or too easy!). I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon.

My name is Miss Johnson and I am the Director of Achievement for Roman House. I have worked at MIllthorpe for 4 years based in the Pastoral Team. I don’t teach therefore I am available throughout the school day to support our students. I will be working alongside Mr Baybutt and Ms Simpson to make sure that your move into Year 7 goes as smoothly as possible, particularly during this difficult time. We can’t wait for you to join our school and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are happy and settle quickly once you have arrived.

School Visits
Normally, we would come and visit you at primary school so that you could meet us, and we can share key information with you. At the moment, we are not allowed to do this but if schools do re-open soon, we will make every effort to come and visit you. Just in case we cannot come and see you, the “weekly update” and the rest of the information on this page will hopefully give you all of the information that you might need.

Pupil Booklet
We would normally give you a pupil booklet when you come and see us in July. Again, at the moment, we are not sure if we will be allowed to do this so just in case, we have attached the new Y7 booklet here, Welcome booklet

Parents/Carers Booklet
We have also sent a copy of the parents/carers booklet out to all parents/carers but a copy can also be accessed here, Parents/Carers Booklet

Form groups and Houses
Please see edition 1 of “Moving to Millthorpe!” by clicking here Moving to Millthorpe. This has also been emailed out to your parents/carers. It explains everything that you need to know about form groups, form tutors, and probably most importantly, how you can tell us the names of friends who you would like to be in a form group with (more below).

Friends in my Form
You are allowed to tell us the names of up to 4 people that you would like to be in a Form with. Please note that these are only suggestions and we cannot guarantee that you will be with all 4. Please make sure you have read edition 1 of “Moving to Millthorpe!” before you submit your choices. Once you have read it properly, you will need to do the following;

Please ask your parents or carers to send an email to – year6transition@millthorpeschool.co.uk with the following information;

1. Your name

2. Your primary school

3. The first name and surname of up to 4 friends that you would like us to try to put you in a form with. If they do not go to the same primary school, please let us know which primary school they attend if you can.

4. What are your favourite lessons, topics or subjects at school?

5. What are your hobbies and interests? What do you like to do when you are not at school?

Your parents will receive an automatic reply so that you know that we have received your friendship choices.

Please make sure that we have received this information by Friday 15th May.

Weekly Updates

These will be emailed out to your parents/carers every Friday for the next few weeks. They will also be posted here. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the bottom of this page will cover lots of what will be included in the weekly update if you (or your parents/carers) are keen and eager to read ahead.

Edition 1 – Forms and Houses
Edition 2 – Key Staff & School day
Edition 3 – Going for Gold and Rights, Expectations, Rewards & Sanctions
                  Welcome from the Inclusion Department
Edition 4 – HWK, anti-bullying & school life
Edition 5 – Practicalities Clubs & Trips
Edition 6 – Your school uniform & top tips

Transition Tasks

We have sent out “Moving to Millthorpe Transition Tasks” and links to other useful transition websites to many of your teachers but for those of you who are not in school at the moment, please find a copy of the “Moving to Millthorpe Transition Tasks” document (Word and PFD) and also links to the websites below. This is to make sure that you can have a look at these whether you are in school or you are not. Also, even if you are in school, your Year 6 teachers might have other things planned so if they are not asking you to do these, please feel free to have a look in your free time.

Please note that these are all completely optional and you do not need to do them or submit the tasks. This is just to help you with the move to Millthorpe, but you won’t get into trouble if you decide not to do them.

Students with a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND) are also encouraged to have a look at the activity sheets on the Inclusion Department Section of our transition page – Year 6 Transition Inclusion

Please note that new activity sheets are added each week to the Inclusion Department section so please have a look each week. Again, these are optional, and you won’t get into trouble if you do not complete them.

M2M Transition Quiz and tasks
M2M Word Document

Lots of resources and tasks to help with your transition to secondary school

Getting “Secondary Ready in Maths” – have a look at this website to help you to make sure you are ready for Year 7 Maths

You might need to ask a parent or carer to sign up to the numerise website first, but they can then add you via the “manage account section.”

Important forms and documents

It is really important that your parents/carers have returned the forms and documents that we have sent out to you. These are all below just in case you can’t find them as well as other letters and booklets that we have sent out already;

Student Admission Form

Biometric Systems Letter

Consent for low risk trips

Parent Welcome Booklet

Student Welcome Booklet

Head’s first letter to parents

Head’s first letter to students

Key Dates
We are hoping that the following events will still go ahead but we will need to see what the government allows us to do. We will be planning for them in the hope that they do happen, but we will need to write to you nearer the time to confirm.

Monday 29th June – New Year 7 Transition Evening
You will be invited, along with your parents or carers, to an evening at Millthorpe School. We will share lots of important information with you such as how the school works, what our expectations are and how we will work with your parents and carers to make sure that you have the most successful time at Millthorpe. You will find out which form you are in, who else is in your form, meet your form tutor, find out which House you are in and also meet your Student Support Officer and your Director of Achievement. You and your parents/carers will be able to ask any questions that you might have on this night and also have a look at our school uniform.

Wednesday 1st July – New Year 7 Induction Day
You will be able to come and spend the day with us at Millthorpe. On this day, which is non-uniform for you, you will meet your whole form and spend the full day with them, getting to know each other and making new friends. You will try a variety of lessons and get to try the food in the canteen at lunch time. You will spend plenty of time with your new form tutor and also begin to get to know other staff in school. This is your first day at Millthorpe, so we really hope you will be able to come and that you make a really positive first impression.

Unfortunately, on 15 June, the government issued guidance confirming that secondary schools are not able to welcome current Year 6 students who will be joining them from September into school for the usual transition events. This means that, sadly, our new Year 7 Transition Evening and the New Year 7 Induction Day are both cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Below, we have tried to cover everything that we think you might want to know about Millthorpe School. We will be sharing this in stages, a few sections at a time, in the weekly update so you might want to wait for each one of those as there is lots of information to take in if you read it all at once. But this will hopefully be helpful if you do have any questions that you would like answering straightaway. If you have a question that is not covered by these FAQs, please make a note of it and once we have shared everything with you, we will be in touch to explain how you can ask any questions that you might have.

What do I need to know about Millthorpe?

Millthorpe is a big secondary school in the South Bank area of York. We have over 1,000 students and over 150 staff. This might seem quite scary, but please don’t be worried; we are a welcoming and caring community and the staff and older students will help you to settle in and find your way around.

How many people will be in year 7 at Millthorpe?

There are 212 Year 6s coming together from 19 different primary schools to make Year 7. You may well know some, lots, or none of them, but you will definitely not know everyone, and this is a great opportunity for you to make lots of new friends.

How will we all be organised? What are “Forms” or “Tutor Groups?”

There will be 8 forms (sometimes called tutor groups) in Year 7. Each form will have 26-28 people in them from a variety of different primary schools. At the end of this document, we have asked you to select up to 4 friends who you would like to be in a form with and we will do our best but please note that there are no guarantees and you may not get all 4 of your choices. We will try to keep you with at least 1 of them, and some people may get more than one choice. There will definitely be people in your form who you have never met so again, you will be able to make lots of new friends. Your form will stay the same throughout the whole 5 years at Millthorpe. You will see the people in your form every day for the first 20 minutes of school. Everyone in your form will be in the same House – so you are all on the same team for the whole 5 years.

Who will look after us?

Your new form will be looked after a “Form Tutor”; a teacher in school who will look after you every day. You will see your form tutor with the rest of your form every morning. They will do the register, pass on any messages, check your uniform, equipment and make sure you have everything that you need for the day. Your form tutor will get to know you really well; a bit like your Year 6 teacher does. You will start your school day with them every day. They will look after you, make sure everything is ok and ensure that you have a positive start to each school day. Your parents or carers will be able to contact them if they need to and they will be the teacher in school that you can go to if you need any help, support or advice. Your form will be 7 (for Year 7) and then the 3 initials of your form tutor e.g. 7SMR.

What is the “House System” and how does it work?

Everyone at Millthorpe (staff and students) belongs to one of the three Houses; Roman, Saxon or Viking. You will be a member of this House for the whole 5 years and your task is to make it the best House in the school. Every time you get a “positive” reward, your House gets a point too. On Sports Day, you represent your House. At the end of the year, the House with the most points wins (and the staff of the other two Houses get gunged!)

Each House has two key members of staff – a Student Support Officer and a Director of Achievement. Like with your form tutor, you will know who your Student Support Officer is and who your Director of Achievement is. They will help you with anything that you need and they are available every day to offer help and support. They also check that your attendance is excellent (the school target is at least 96% attendance), that you are on time for school each day, that

you are behaving well, meeting expectations and are making excellent academic progress. The stripe on your tie will be in the colour of the house you are in; Roman, Saxon or Viking.

Who is in charge of the school? Who is on the “Senior Leadership Team?”

Millthorpe is managed by a close team of Senior Leaders. Mr Burton is the Executive Headteacher. He works at Millthorpe and York High and you will see him in school 2 days a week. Miss Greenhalgh is the Head of School – she leads the school on a daily basis so you will see her every day. There are 2 Deputy Headteachers; Mr Butterworth and Mr Gillbanks, and 4 Assistant Headteachers; Ms Andrle, Mr Bates, Ms Simpson and Mr Baybutt. The Senior Team also includes Mr Collins and he is the Business Manager.

 Ms Greenhalgh                        Mr Burton                             Mr Butterworth                        Mr Gillbanks

Ms Andrle                      Mr Bates                        Mr Collins              Ms Simpson        Mr Baybutt

Who else will look after us? Who is on the Pastoral Team?

In the first weekly update and in a question above, we introduced the House System to you. The Directors of Achievement and Student Support Officers are part of the Pastoral Team, but the team has more people than this within it. Everyone on the Pastoral Team will work really hard to help you to settle in at Millthorpe. They are also there to help you with any difficulties that you might have, either at the beginning or at any point throughout your 5 years at our school. They make sure that everyone is well behaved, working hard, making excellent progress, attending every day – on time, that their uniform is correct and that you are happy, healthy and well supported. You can talk to any member of the pastoral team if you need their help, advice or support. This can be about school but can also be for things happening outside of school that you need a trusted adult to help you with.

What about students who have additional needs? Who looks after SEND/Inclusion?

Some students might need an additional layer of support for a variety of reasons and they will be supported at Millthorpe by the Inclusion Team. If you need any specific or additional support, you will be working closely with Ms Simpson and Mrs Fisher and they will be in touch with your families in the near future to talk you through these arrangements. The Inclusion team is fortunate to have a large team of very experienced and dedicated Teaching Assistants who will work with and support students with any additional needs.

What will my school day be like?

Your school day at Millthorpe may be very different to what you are used to at Primary School. The main difference is that you are not in one classroom with one teacher all day, every day. You will have 5 one-hour lessons each day, doing a different subject, in a different classroom, with a different teacher. Your teachers at primary school were able to teach you every subject to people your age; at secondary school, your subject teachers are all experts in their chosen subject so they teach one subject (or sometimes two) but they teach it to students aged 11 to 16, from Year 7 right through to GCSEs in Year 10 and Year 11.

There will be people in your lessons from other forms and Houses as you are not taught as a form. This gives you even more opportunities to work with lots of other people and make many new friends. Although you will have lots of different classrooms, please do not worry about getting lost trying to find them all. Millthorpe will be bigger than your primary school and Year 6 students are always worried about getting lost but try not to. We will show you around, there are signs on the wall and a map in your planner, the older students will help and lots of staff carry radios (walky-talkies!), so we will know if you have not arrived at your lesson and we can talk over the radio so that we quickly find you and take you to where you need to be. Within 2 weeks, you will know your way around, no problem, and in the meantime, we will help you. Mr Baybutt always reminds Year 6 students that you will never be ‘lost’ anyway…you will still be at school! You might be a little unsure of where your next classroom is, but you won’t be lost.

The school day is as follows;
8.30 – School is open to students
8.45-9.05 – Registration with your form and form tutor (assembly one day a week)
9.05-10.05 – Lesson 1
10.05-11.05 – Lesson 2
11.05-11.20 – Break
11.20-12.20 – Lesson 3
12.20-13.10 – Lunch
13.10-14.10 – Lesson 4
14.10-15.10 – Lesson 5
15.10 – End of the school day.

You will be given a timetable on your very first day so you will always know what lessons you have each day. You will then know which books to bring and if you need anything else such as PE kits. You will not need your PE kit on the first day. One day a fortnight (every other Wednesday), school closes at the earlier time of 14.20 for staff training. You still do 5 lessons but each one lasts for 50 minutes rather than an hour. We will explain this properly to you once you have started.

Will I go straight into lessons on my first day in September?

No, we always give you time with your Form Group and Form Tutor on your first day. This year, as things are so different, we may decide to have a different first few days or even longer. The Senior Leadership Team and Pastoral Team will look into the best possible plan to help you to settle in once we know more about what we are able to do between now and the Summer Holidays.

What subjects will I study in Year 7?

In Key Stage 3 (Year 7 to 9), you will study English, Maths, Science, French or German (you will be able to tell us which Language you would like to study if you have a strong preference and we will explain how you can do this in next weeks’ update), Art, Design Technology*, History, Geography, ICT, Music, PE, RE, Drama, PSHE and Citizenship.

*Design Technology includes Food Technology, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles.

What equipment will I need?

We will give you a Planner when you start at Millthorpe. This is a vital part of your equipment and you must look after it. It has lots of important information in it and it is where you record your homework. It is also where you collect your “Positive” stamps and where your teachers and parents can write messages to each other. Your Planner must be with you every single day and it needs to be open on the correct day and on your desk in every lesson.

All of your teachers will give you an exercise book for their subject for you to work in. You need to bring the correct books with you for each day so make sure you check your timetable for the next day every evening and put the correct books in your school bag. Lockers are available for everyone if you have a lot to carry.

You also need equipment such as black or blue pens, pencils, ruler, green pen (for peer and self-assessment and improving your work/acting on your teacher’s feedback), maths set and a scientific calculator. You are very welcome to bring additional stationery such as highlighters, rubbers, felt tips etc if you have room in your pencil case or school bag.

How will you encourage me to do the best that I can? Learning Conduct and “Going for Gold”

To help you to make excellent academic progress, all students are encouraged to “Go for Gold” on their Learning Conduct. We use the phrase “Learning Conduct” to describe the characteristics and expected learning behaviours of a student who is aiming to be the best that they can be and make the most progress that they possibly can.

Students who achieve a Learning Conduct of 4 (Gold) across all or most subjects are rewarded each term. Those whose Learning Conduct is a cause for concern will be supported to make the improvements that they need. Learning Conduct is completely different to how academic (or clever) you are. Even if you struggle with your learning, this is about your effort and attitude to learning so we expect all students to “Go for Gold.” We will help you to achieve this; we just ask you to try your best and have a really positive attitude to learning.

What do you expect from me? – Rights, Expectations, Rewards and Sanctions

At Millthorpe, we have very high expectations in terms of behaviour. Everything is underpinned by our clear “Rights”, which all students and staff are entitled to.

We also have clear expectations of every student. We call them “expectations” rather than “rules” because it is just “expected” that every student will do what they have been asked to. Your primary school probably has very similar expectations of you and if you are able to meet these expectations, you won’t get into any trouble at all.

We are currently working on a way to develop and improve our rewards system so there will hopefully be an update once you start at Millthorpe. At present, we use “Positives”; these are green stamps of your teachers’ initials e.g. ARB (those are Mr Baybutt’s initials – there is a prize for the first new Y7 student who can work out what the ‘R’ stands for!). You will collect these in your Planner and your form tutor will count up how many you get every 2 weeks. You will get lots! Every positive is a point for you and it is also a point for your house. You get certificates for every 150 earned and the top positives earners in each house get additional rewards every term. And remember, if you are getting lots of positives, so is your house, so you are helping Roman, Saxon or Viking House to be the best house in the school and win the House Cup each year.

Like all schools, we do have to have sanctions if a student makes a mistake. We are fair and reasonable, just was we expect you to be. If you make a mistake, you will need to serve a 10 minute “reminder detention.”

If there is an issue in a lesson, your teacher will work with you and support you to make better choices. For example, if you were talking when you should not have been, your teacher will remind you of the expectation. If you did not stop, they would then give you a formal warning to stop. If you did stop at this point, there won’t be any problem. If you carried on, your teacher would give you a “negative comment” which is written into your Planner so your parents/carers and Form Tutor can see. They also put this on an electronic system called “ClassCharts” which the Pastoral Team and your Form Tutor check regularly. Your teacher would then tell you where you needed to meet them, and at what time, for a 10 minute “reminder detention” and they will write this in your Planner. They will not be nasty to you in this 10 minute detention; they will have a chat with you, explain why they needed to give you the reminder detention and agree how you can move forward next lesson.

In the highly unlikely event that a student continued to disrupt the lesson after being reminded of the expectations, given a formal warning and then a negative comment, that student would be collected by the Pastoral Team and taken out of the lesson so that the rest of the class could learn without disruption. This happens very rarely at Millthorpe School.

There are also hour long detentions. The vast majority of students do not ever receive hour detentions but we know that this is something that people your age often worry about ahead of their move to secondary school. If you display positive learning conduct and meet the expectations, you will not get hour long detentions! So please do not worry.

What about bullying? Is there an Anti-Bullying Policy?

Every year, some students ask about bullying and it is normal that this might be something that you may be worried about. Please be reassured that bullying is very unusual at Millthorpe and we are clear that it is totally unacceptable. That said, all good schools understand that bullying could happen anywhere and they have a clear plan in place just in case it does. At Millthorpe, we have a very clear anti-bullying policy. This is explained on a page in your Planner and it is also on our website here (link). In simple terms, if something happens that upsets you or you are unhappy about, just let us know and we will make sure that we deal with it. As soon as we are aware that there is an issue, we will work with you to make sure that it is dealt with. We will also work with the student who is not meeting expectations to help them to improve their behaviour. Bullying will never be acceptable at Millthorpe School so please do not worry about it and, in the unlikely event that it does happen, we will deal with it as soon as we are made aware.

Will I get lots of homework? What do I do if I am struggling?

Again, lots of primary students worry about how much homework they will get when they come to Millthorpe. You will get homework and we expect you to do it to the best of your ability and hand it in on time. But we will not take over your life! We make sure that we set a reasonable amount of homework and that it is used to help you to learn further. All homework will be recorded by you in your planner. We will also save the details of your homework on “ClassCharts”; a website and app that you and your parents/carers have access to so you can check this even when you are not in school. If you are ever struggling with your homework, just speak to your teacher before the homework is due and they will be happy to help. For students who really struggle with their homework, we do offer a “Homework Club” where you can do your homework in school at the end of the day before you go home. But for most students, you will be able to complete it at home and still have lots of time to have fun. Please do not worry about homework either…it will not be as bad as you might be imagining!

What do I need to wear?

We expect all students to look smart and wear full uniform at all times. Your Millthorpe uniform will probably be very different to what you had to wear at primary school. We wear blazers, (optional) school jumpers, smart white shirts, ties, school trousers or skirts with the Millthorpe badge on and, a big change for some who were allowed to wear trainers at primary school, you must wear smart school shoes. Please see a labelled example of what our uniform looks like on the left, and below, what types of shoes are acceptable and what types of footwear are not allowed. It is also important that you wear it smartly. This includes fastening top buttons, ties done correctly, shirts tucked in and skirts being worn so that they are roughly knee-length.

The examples contained in this document will support parents, carers and students in understanding what is deemed an acceptable school shoe at Millthorpe School. The photographic examples are by no means exhaustive, but serve to show key features of footwear that is not acceptable for school.

  • Footwear must be shoe and not a trainer, pump or plimsoll.
  • Shoes made by sportswear manufacturers will be deemed to be a trainer.
  • Sports branded footwear is not acceptable.
  • Shoes advertised as “school shoes” may not be acceptable at Millthorpe School.
  • Shoes which cover the ankle are deemed to be a boot and are not allowed.

  • In addition to this, hairstyles should not be ‘extreme’ and should be natural in colour. In terms of jewellery, you can wear one pair of small plain studs, a watch and one ring. No other piercings or jewellery is allowed.

Where do I get my uniform from?

The main uniform items are available from Keal Teamwear, 105 Walmgate, (Tel) 01904 624497, www.keal-teamwear.com

Normally, you would be able to visit the shop and try everything on but at the moment, this is much more difficult. The shop will still be open but for collection of items and exchanges (if it is the wrong size for example) only. You will be able to phone through your order or place an order on the website. There will be a free “click and collect” option or a delivery service at a reduced cost. There will be a size guide for every item of uniform on the website but if it is not the correct size when you receive it, it can be exchanged for free. If you order 1st-5th July (inclusive), you will receive 5% off your total order.

your total order. If you are entitled to a uniform voucher, Keal will be able to accept these but you must order over the phone as the vouchers can not be used online.

Keal Teamwear will provide blazers, school badged trousers and skirts, ties (Key Stage 3 have a single striped tie in the colour of their House) and PE kits. School shirts can be bought from any shop.

How can I have my say? Do you have a Student Council?

We have a very committed and active Student Council at Millthorpe which meets regularly under the guidance of our joint Heads of Student Leadership Mr Black and Mr Sloan. The Student Council work hard to ensure that students have a voice and can influence decisions that are made that affect them and the school. The Student Council is very active in arranging charity days and social events for students. If you would like to be involved in the Student Council, we will explain how you can do so when you join us.

Am I allowed to use my mobile phone in school?

We understand that many young people use (and in many cases, are very attached to!) a mobile phone. It is good that your parents/carers are able to contact you on your way to and from school, especially in the early days when you are getting used to your new journey to school. However, mobile phones are huge distractions and are not helpful when you are in school and trying to learn. You are very welcome to bring your phone to school, but it must be switched off once you arrive (perhaps after texting parents/carers to let them know you have arrived at school safely) and must not be used at any point during the school day. This includes break and lunch time. You can switch your phones back on as you leave your last lesson of the day so you can contact friends or parents/carers so you can make arrangements to get home safely but using your phone between 8.45am and 3.10pm is not allowed. If you are seen using your phone during this time, it will be confiscated by a member of staff and handed to the Main Office/Reception for safe keeping. It will be returned to you at the end of the day, which will be 3.20pm as you will have a 10 minute reminder detention for using your phone. If your parents or carers desperately need to contact you during the school day, they will call the school office and we will come and speak to you so you do not need your mobile phone during the school day. At all times, your own phone is your responsibility and you must keep it safe. We recommend that you hand it in to the Main Office/Reception for safekeeping each morning, or lock it in your locker. If you decide to keep it with you, it must be switched off and out of sight (e.g. blazer pocket or school bag) at all times. If your phone is lost or damaged, this will be your responsibility.

Where can I keep all of my belongings? Can I get a locker?

There are plenty of lockers available for you to use at Millthorpe. They are free to use; you just need a padlock. You can buy your own (small) padlock or buy them from school. We will show you how to use the lockers and help you to claim your own on your first day at school. We strongly recommend that you get a locker as it is handy to keep your mobile phone safe, and also to store things like PE kits during the day until they are needed as it means you do not need to carry everything around with you. It is totally up to you if you want a locker but if you do, we will make sure you get one.

What happens at break and lunch time?

Break and Lunch time is very popular at Millthorpe! Not because students do not want to be in lessons, but because the food provided by our caterers Hutchinson’s is so nice! At break time, there is a range of food and drink to choose from, including toast, toasties, pizza bagels, fruit, water and fruit juices. At lunch time, choose from a range of options; main meals which change daily, the snack bar including wraps, paninis, burgers, sandwiches and pasta pots and several desserts, biscuits, cake bars and more fresh fruit. The main meals are advertised on a display board so you will know what is available. Favourites include “Roast Dinner Wednesday’s” and “Fish Friday’s” but all of the daily meals are really tasty.

We use a cashless system in the canteen, so you “pay” for your items using your thumb print (which we will register when you arrive) or a 4 digit pin number. Your parents/carers can add money using the website “ParentPay” and when you ‘buy’ something using your thumbprint or pin code, the money is taken off your account. There is a daily spend limit and your parents/carers can see what you are buying to make sure you are not being too greedy, spending too much or being unhealthy! Students who have Free School Meals are able to buy what they want up to the daily limit and they use the same thumb print or pin code system.

In your first few days, you will be allowed into the canteen first so you can get used to it (and get the first choice!). After this, we use a rota so that each year group takes turns to go to the canteen first. The other year groups go out and play or socialise and then come to the canteen a little bit later in the lunchtime. There is always plenty of food available and we will never let you go hungry!

If you prefer, you can bring your own packed lunch and we provide a space in the canteen for you to eat this, or you can eat it outside if you prefer. Just make sure that you use the bins and recycling bins available to keep our school clean and to do our bit for the environment.

Aside from eating, there are plenty of activities available at lunch time. The library is always open, as are some of the PC Rooms. There are also lots of clubs and activities which you can get involved with (more below). Or, you can go outside, socialise with friends, enjoy the huge fields and open space that we have or set up your own games. There are always lots of staff out on duty to help you if you need anything at lunch time.

What fun activities are on offer?

We have so many fun things for you to try. There is a full programme of activities every lunch time and after school. These include the library, ICT, sports, music, dance, drama, STEM club, cooking club, karaoke club, coding club, drone club, Young Carers, various department clubs and more. Our staff and students go above and beyond to make sure there are lots of clubs for you to get involved with and enjoy.

Will we go on any trips?

At Millthorpe, we are very lucky that we are able to offer a lot of trips for you to enjoy, but you must be well behaved and meet expectations in school if you want to come on a trip and also, many of them do cost money…so you must be

very good to your parents/carers if you want them to pay for you to enjoy the many memorable and life changing trips that we offer.

Some of the trips will be done in school time. These include Geography field trips to Bolton Abbey and Flamborough Head, a History trip exploring the city you live in and various other trips planned by your teachers. We also run a Y9 residential trip to Carlton Lodge and also invite Y10 and Y11 students to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We also offer many trips abroad (remember they cost money and you must be well behaved!) and these include;

· Exchange trips to see “pen friends” that you might make in Germany

· A cultural languages trip to France

· A ski/snowboarding trip to Poland and another ski trip to Austria

· A geography trip to see the volcanos of Sicily, and walk on the famous Mount Etna

· A GCSE Geography trip to Iceland (when you’re in Y10/11)

· A GCSE History trip to the battlefields of the First World War (when you’re in Y10/11)

· A GCSE RE trip to Poland to study the events of the Second World War (including a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau) – Y10/11

· A beach and water sports trip to Spain in the Summer holidays.

In your time at Millthorpe, there will be all of these and many more trips on offer.

Are there any “Top Tips” from current Millthorpe Students?

Yes – below are “top tips” written by a group of Year 7 students which they wanted to share with you.

· Don’t worry about losing friends with people from primary school, even if they are not in the same form as you. You will still be friends with them as long as you both make the effort.

· Don’t worry about being told off! The teachers are really understanding, especially in the first term when you are getting to know the school. We worried that we would be shouted at for being late if we weren’t sure where to go but it just did not happen!

· On that note, don’t worry about getting lost. The peer mentors (older students who have volunteered to help you) will show you around and other older students are really friendly too. We were surprised at how keen they were to help us. Perhaps they do remember what it feels like to be in a new school!

· Don’t worry about making new friends. We have ALL made lots of new friends with people from other primary schools and you will too. Some of us have friends in older year groups too.

· Don’t worry about homework. You don’t get as much as you are probably thinking that you will. It is challenging, but it is manageable and the teachers will help you if you are finding it tough.

· Don’t worry about not knowing something. If you are not sure about something, just ask. An older student or a member of staff will always help you.

· Don’t stress! There really is nothing to stress about.

· Do try the food in the canteen. It is REALLY nice!

· Do try new things and have a go at new clubs and activities. There are loads to choose from and they are both enjoyable and another way to make even more friends.

· Do come with the right attitude to learning. We have been challenged in our lessons this year, but it is a good level of challenge. Being challenged is important because we always want to improve. At Millthorpe, you are challenged to do your best and if you need some help or support, you will get it. But you must have a good attitude to learning and aim for “Gold” on your Learning Conduct.

· Do ask us if you need our help with anything. We’d be happy to help you to settle in at Millthorpe.

What happens next?

We will need to wait for the government to explain when schools will be allowed to open again. We will keep in regular contact with you during this time, so you know what is happening and what the plans are. We will be contacting your

primary school teachers so that they can share important information with us about you so that we have everything in place for when you start.