Useful things to do with your children when you are done with school work for the day.

Please send any more suggestions you have to @MillthorpeNews and we’ll update this list.

  1. Joe Wicks daily exercise classes weekdays at 9am
  2. Cooking for teenagers – here’s a few recipes from BBC Good food, but there are endless recipes on the internet.
  3. Time with friends – young people will miss their friends a lot and the natural response is to use social media or online gaming to interact – acknowledge this, encourage it, but set limits on when during the day they can do this.
  4. If your child is arty, look for inspiration in a craft project – you’ll need one that you can make from stuff you already have – google is your friend here – a starter website for you is
  5. Do you have a garden or even a space on your windowsill for some pots? This is a good time to plant some seeds. Some supermarkets have seeds on sale – here’s a Suttons are a major supplier so check their catalogue for sales or inspiration.
  6. Walks to the park – as well as a walk or playing, you could see if they have an interest in nature. There is an app from the Woodland Trust to identify trees which you can download from the iPhone and Android app stores  – there are also lots of apps for bird identification – see this link for a list
  7. How about bike maintenance? There’s a Global Cycling Network which has a few videos on bike maintenance – here’s one – – try some more googling to get one to suit your child’s age or stage.
  8. Baking – everyone loves cakes – here are some BBC baking recipes for children – but you can probably use recipes for any age – google is your friend here.
  9. Get your child to help with chores by taking a leaf out of Mary Poppins songbook – “With every job that must be done, there is an element of fun; you find the fun and snap! the job’s a game” – have a think about how you could make chores fun to do. Arrange a reward; make it a competition with you (which they win!); do a deal (if you do this, then I’ll do that); make the chore a gift (cooking dinner for a parent). If you make it a daily routine even better – washing up, clothes washing, pegging out the drying, tidying up, vacuuming.
  10. Many teenagers will never have written and posted a letter in this time of social media. How about getting them to write to an older relative in self-isolation such as grandparents or a sick member of the family. It will be lovely for them to receive something physical through the post and the older generation appreciate that even more than a phone call.

Last updated 27 March 2020