Welcome to the new term

Welcome to our new Year 7 students

This week we have extended a warm welcome to 207 new Year 7 students who have joined us from many primary schools.  Each day more of them are making it to their lessons without needing directions, and feeling more secure in their new school.  Any parent who has any concerns is most welcome to contact the form tutor by writing a message in the planner and asking your child to present it to the form tutor.  For serious issues, please contact the Director of Achievement directly: Miss Kirby for Romans (7ACW, 7JST), Mr Baybutt for Saxons (7CRF, 7NAE, 7JCM) or Mr Nichols for Vikings (7KAA, 7SDB).  I am grateful for the many older students who have helped our new students to settle in.

Year 10 results

I am pleased to report that our Year 10 students (now in Year 11) did very well in the GCSEs they took in June: English Literature and Core Science. The proportion gaining C and above was 73% for Literature and 82% for Core Science, both very strong results and a record for Core Science.  A record 19.5% of Core Science students and 17% of Literature students attained A* or A grades.

Year 11 results

You will probably have seen our announcement about last year’s Year 11 GCSE results on the website.  I will write soon with more information about how students did, but am pleased to report the following:

  • 65% of students obtained at least a C grade in both English and Maths
  • 41% of students gained the English Baccalaureate (Cs in English Language, Maths, two sciences, History or Geography and a language), which was a school record.
  • Our new “Progress 8” measure is estimated at +0.41, which probably places us in the top 15% of schools for this, and again, is a school record.  It shows that pupils at Millthorpe make nearly half a grade better progress than pupils in other schools nationally across a range of 8 subjects.

These are very good results, and I am proud of the pupils who worked so hard for them and the staff and parents who helped them to achieve them.

Trevor Burton

New caterers bring fresh ideas to lunchtimes

Millthorpe is delighted to announce the appointment of a new catering company to provide lunches and snacks in the school canteen. Hutchison’s are a small regional firm, founded by two brothers, Colin and Andrew Hutchison, in their native Newcastle. Both trained as chefs, the emphasis will be on tasty, healthy food that appeals to children. “We are all about the food,” says Andrew. “Our philosophy is: if it looks good and tastes good, children will come back for more. If that means spending a bit more to use good quality ingredients, that’s fine because ultimately, it will help the business succeed. We also buy local whenever we can: there are loads of really good suppliers of bread, meat, fruit and vegetables in the area and we’d be mad not to use them.”


The existing kitchen staff will continue to prepare and serve the food and they are looking forward to learning a fresh approach. “We’re excited about developing the new recipes with Colin and Andrew. Sometimes there might be more work involved in preparing dishes from fresh ingredients but in the long run it’s more satisfying and we want to take pride in what we serve up,” says Catering Manager Helen Robinson.

The school is very pleased with the appointment. Business Manager Alex Collins: “I had the tough job of tasting sample dishes from all the companies that we shortlisted and I can confirm that the standard of Hutchison’s food was outstanding. What really pleases me is that they see this as an opportunity to work with the school to develop a service that is unique to Millthorpe, where success is based on being first choice for children, not cost saving in the kitchen.”

Have a look at the menus and meal deals below:

Millthorpe menus

Millthorpe meal deals

Note that the menus are on a four-week rotation starting with Menu One this week.



Lydia triumphs at British Transplant Games

When I was born, I was very seriously ill with a condition called progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (pfic). This effected my liver and as a result made me very yellow (like a Simpson) and extremely itchy. 8 years ago I got a second chance because I had the operation that saved my life. This year is my 8 year anniversary of when I had my liver transplant. I then spent one month recovering in hospital. Every year I get bigger and stronger.


Lydia after her liver transplant surgery.

Since having my transplant I have been a member of Leeds children’s transplant team and every summer I compete in the British Transplant Games. The British Transplant Games allow people of all ages to compete at a whole load of different sports, such as all the track and field events, swimming and cycling. The games are held in different towns and cities every year and you can win medals in every event you compete in. This year it was held in Newcastle and Gateshead and I picked up 2 golds and a bronze. I got the two golds in a 3k cycling time trial and a 3k run, and the bronze in badminton.


Lydia competes in the 3k cycling time trial.

If it is was not for people like my organ donor and his family I would not have had this wonderful second chance in life. There are lots of other children and adults that need life saving operations to give them the second chance they are hoping for just like I did.

“I am immensely proud of my daughter as most fathers are; however, mine goes further than that. Throughout her life she has always shown there are no boundaries in life: overcoming her illness and transplant and following her passions of horse riding and cycling. This year, I grew a few inches taller with pride when she became the British Under 15 Transplant Cycling champion. It’s hard to hold back the tears when I think how well she has done all because of a brave donor family.”

Lydia’s Dad

“Before the transplant, life was hard for Lydia, dealing with constant itching, huge amounts of medication and hospital visits. Life for Lydia now is something she grabs with both hands and enjoys whether it’s horse riding, cycling or competing in the British Transplant Games. If it hadn’t been for her organ donor, Lydia wouldn’t be able to enjoy doing these things, she may not have even been here. Her donor and his family are always in my mind and I am internally thankful to him for carrying a donor card and telling his family of his wishes. This has allowed Lydia that second chance in life.”

Lydia’s Mum

“Before our Granddaughters transplant, she was very poorly and didn’t have much strength in her little body. Then came the amazing news that a donor had been found and the transplant went ahead. Lydia was supposed to stay in intensive care for 4 weeks. After only 1 week she was out of her bed and pushing her drip stand down the corridor shouting “Look Gran, I can run….” How proud we were of her, tears of utter joy flowed. This was the beginning of a new life for Lydia, nothing defeats her. She’s a fighter with such determination. Her motto in life is: “I can do it” and she can and does. Thanks to her amazing donor. We are so proud of our granddaughter Lydia.”

Lydia’s Grandparents


Monday 7 to Sunday 13 September is National Transplant Week and the NHS is running its 7 Days to Say Yes I Donate campaign to get people talking about organ donation. You can find out more by visiting www.organdonation.nhs.uk.