Post-16 Events

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Planning for life after school

At Millthorpe we provide students with comprehensive independent information, advice and guidance on future career pathways and continuing in post-16 education. For more information about Millthorpe’s post-16 provision please read our Progression Programme booklet and explore the links below.

As an 11-16 school we are in the unique position that all of our students leave us once they have finished Year 11. As it is compulsory for all young people to remain in education, or work with training, until the age of 18 it is important that we offer independent advice and guidance to all students about the options available to them post-16. For the majority of students this will be applying to Colleges (such as York College or Askham Bryan) or one of the local Sixth Form Schools (All Saints, Archbishop Holgate’s, Fulford, Huntington & Joseph Rowntree).

However, there is another option – apprenticeships. The current government is heavily backing apprenticeships and this is having a huge impact nationally and locally on the type of apprenticeship provision available. Apprenticeships are less known, and have altered vastly in recent years, so we would like to provide some more up to date information and guidance.