Gemma Greenhalgh
Head of School

Welcome to Millthorpe School

Millthorpe is proud to be a good school in the heart of our community which aspires to be great.

Our mission is to equip our young people for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life by ensuring the highest level of qualifications, by developing them socially, emotionally and culturally, and by giving them opportunities both to lead and to help others.

While we do have a very strong focus on academic outcomes, education should develop a child’s character as well, and I hope you take the time to look at our Values and Expectations which tell you much about us and what we want for our young people.  We encourage our students to work hard, to keep trying when facing difficulty and to help other people.

The school was founded just after the First World War, and our history is part of our character, but our outlook is truly modern.  At Millthorpe, we make sure every student is well looked after and that expectations of all of us, students, staff and leaders, are very high.

Staff and Governors are committed to making Millthorpe a Great School, and I am very proud to be its Headteacher.