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Senior Leadership

Ms G Greenhalgh, Headteacher  g.greenhalgh@
Mr R Beever, Deputy Headteacher  r.beever@
Mr T Gillbanks, Deputy Headteacher  t.gillbanks@
Mr A Baybutt, Assistant Headteacher  a.baybutt@

Mrs V Armitage, Assistant Headteacher  v.armitage@
Mr J Bates, Assistant Headteacher  j.bates@
Ms M Simpson, Assistant Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENCO)  m.simpson@
Mr A Collins, Business Manager  a.collins@

Teaching Staff

Mrs S Cockburn, Head of Art  s.cockburn@
Ms E Connor  e.connor@

Mrs V Taylor v.taylor@
Mr J Bates j.bates@

Mr R Beever r.beever@

Design Technology
Mrs F Frankland, Head of DT  f.frankland@
Mr S Bull, Head of DT  s.bull@
Mrs R Brabbs  r.brabbs@
Mrs R Marley  r.marley@
Mr G Dunn  g.dunn@
Mr B Cadwallader  b.cadwallader@

Mrs K Sladen, Head of Drama  k.sladen@

Mrs E Arnold, Head of English  e.arnold@
MIss G Greenhalgh g.greenhalgh@
Mrs C Bates  c.bates@
Miss H Maycock  h.maycock@
Miss S Tapscott  s.tapscott@
Ms J Bhatt  j.bhatt@
Mrs E Coney  e.coney@
Ms N Hodgson  n.hodgson@
Ms Y Mulholland y.mulholland@

Miss M Wright, Head of Geography m.wright@
Mr S Atkinson  s.atkinson@
Miss H Ramadhan h.ramadhan@


Ms S Bowland, Head of History  s.bowland@
Mrs R Lingard, Head of History  r.lingard@
Mr A Baybutt a.baybutt@
Mr B Longworth  b.longworth@

Mr A Ward, Head of ICT  a.ward@
Mrs V Taylor  v.taylor@
Mr M Turner  m.turner@

Mr P Bruce, Head of Maths  p.bruce@
Mr I Hebden  i.hebden@
Mrs H Ainsworth  h.ainsworth@
Mr T Gillbanks  t.gillbanks@
Mr M Webb-Sear  m.webb-sear@
Mrs A Myers  a.myers@
Mr M Green
Ms R Sharpe r.sharpe@

Modern Foreign Languages
Miss J Gray  Head of MFL  j.gray@
Ms T Andrle  t.andrle@
Miss K Bell  k.bell2@
Mrs V McNulty  v.mcnulty@
Ms R Houston  r.houston@
Miss E Atkinson  e.atkinson@

Mr B Jackson, Head of Music  b.jackson@
Mrs C Wright  c.wright@

Mr D Randall  Head of PE  d.randall@
Mr M Boothman  m.boothman@
Miss S Watts  s.watts@
Miss E Lansdall  e.lansdall@

Ms K Forrester, Head of RE  k.forrester@
Mr I Noble  i.noble@
Miss S Richards  s.richards@

Mr C Ferguson, Head of Science  c.ferguson@
Mrs P Elgin  p.elgin@
Mr R Curnow  r.curnow@
Mr D Mallen  d.mallen@
Mr S Black
Miss A Jackson  a.jackson@
Mr A Newman  a.newman@
Mr J Wright  j.wright@

Support Staff

Mrs C Hardware, PA to Headteacher
Mrs T Kuhn, Cover Manager
Mrs K Percival
Mrs J Anderson
Mrs V Stanyon
Mrs M Brown, Finance Assistant
Mrs K Tello,  SEND Administrator
Mr J Wilson, Data and Exams Officer

Inclusion Support
Ms M Simpson, Assistant Headteacher (SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs S Fisher, Assistant Director of Inclusion
Miss D Bradsell  SEND Manager
Mrs S Langan, SEND Manager
Ms S Reading, SEND Manager

Teaching Assistants
Mrs A Domin-Boci
Mrs D Smith
Mr M Hallidie-Smith
Ms A Hinch
Miss S Cosgrove
Mrs C McGurrin
Ms E Berry
Ms E Fagan
Ms A Biggs
Ms A Dinh
Ms S Chacksfield

Cover Supervisors
Mrs A Featherstone
Mrs J Davis
Mr P Sloan -Senior Cover Supervisor

Premises Staff
Mr A Henson, Premises Manager
Mr S Shooter, Lettings Manager
Mr T Bridge
Mr N Woods
Mr I Coleman

Pastoral Team
Mr A Baybutt, Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Cole, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms S Tapscott, Head of Year 7
Mrs K Hurst, Deputy Head of Year 7
Mr J Wright, Head of Year 8
Mrs R Cooper, Deputy Head of Year 9
Ms N Hodgson, Head of Year 10
Mrs L Roberts, Deputy Head of Year 11
Ms S Clare, School Counsellor
Ms J Garner Steel, Attendance Officer

Midday Supervisors
Miss E Peart
Ms A Cosgrove
Miss E Makungwa

Library Manager
Miss A Brooks

Mr S Potter, Reprographics
Mr S Hardy, ICT
Mr J Fletcher, Art
Miss E Frankland, Science
Mr A White
Mr P Bunting, Design Technology