Millthorpe EU Referendum

Today, like the rest of the United Kingdom and Gibraltar, Millthorpe School takes to the polls to vote in the EU Referendum. As part of ‘Millthorpe Thinks’, a citizenship project that looks to teach students about and subsequently engage them in the democratic process, all students were invited to sign Millthorpe School’s Electoral Register to highlight the electoral procedure to them. Students were given a deadline by which they were to sign up and informed that if their names are not on the register, they would not be given a voting card. It was wonderful to see that out of the 791 eligible students, 607 (77%) signed on to the roll to express their democratic right to vote.


Students have had access to a large notice board highlighting both the Remain and Vote Leave campaigns and have been having summaries every morning in registration over the key areas. I have been delighted to hear students actively engaging in conversations around the school debating whether we, as a country, should remain in or leave the EU.


On 14 June, Alex Stafford-Dodsworth and Romina Nunnari, two Year 7 students who are on our student council, ensured every student had been allocated a voting slip and prepared and sealed the ballot boxes.

The Polling Stations will open at break and lunch time today, closing at 1.05pm and the votes will be counted as soon as possible. The results will be posted here on our website to let you know what ‘Millthorpe Thinks’.

The results are in


The ‘Millthorpe Thinks’ EU Referendum results are in!

Remain: 297 (83%)

Leave: 63 (17%)

The voter turnout was 59%.