Teaching and Learning: rewriting the rulebook

Teachers at Millthorpe School were welcomed back in the New Year to a new teaching and learning framework. The Millthorpe framework for Great Teaching and Learning is the product of teachers’ feedback from the professional learning they have taken part in over the past two years. All teachers have responded to professional learning modules, which have shared some of the best practice and educational research from around the world, by trialling strategies in their own classrooms.

Since we began this journey in 2013, we have run fourteen separate professional learning modules and held two training days led entirely by our own teaching staff. Teachers are professionals: they do not need telling how to teach. However, they do need opportunities to develop their practice and exposure to the best educational thinkers like John Hattie, Carol Dweck, Barry Hymer and Robert Marzarno, to name just a few. Teachers are then able to reflect on this research and apply it in their own classroom. Some teachers have invited colleagues to observe them using particular teaching strategies and others have recorded their own lessons using iPods to review the impact of new teaching approaches. The result is a teaching and learning framework that is based on what really works for our students and our teachers, who are continually developing as experts in the classroom.

Later this half term, teachers are meeting after school at a series of teach meets to share the work they have been doing since our October training day. We are hoping to gather all of this great practice and publish it, so that it is made widely available. We will continue to ensure that every student has a great experience at Millthorpe by constantly striving to improve what we do in the classroom.

Mr Bates
Assistant Headteacher