Lifelong learning at Millthorpe School

Teaching and Learning as easy as A,B,C? Well not quite, but a whole school focus on the characteristics and attributes of successful learners: Ambition, Belief and Creativity.

We have used photographs of students taking part in lessons around the school and displayed them prominently around the site to highlight these qualities. These photographs were not set up or posed for the camera. It was great knowing that we could just walk around with a camera and take a snapshot of the teaching and learning happening on a typical school day.

We will be focussing on a different characteristic each half term. Assemblies this week launched the project by emphasising the importance of ambition. We want our students to aim for the highest possible outcomes, not only in school, but in life in general. If students have the drive and ambition to succeed, they will surprise themselves with what they can accomplish.

Mr Bates
Assistant Headteacher