Welcome to the new term

Welcome to our new Year 7 students

This week we have extended a warm welcome to 207 new Year 7 students who have joined us from many primary schools.  Each day more of them are making it to their lessons without needing directions, and feeling more secure in their new school.  Any parent who has any concerns is most welcome to contact the form tutor by writing a message in the planner and asking your child to present it to the form tutor.  For serious issues, please contact the Director of Achievement directly: Miss Kirby for Romans (7ACW, 7JST), Mr Baybutt for Saxons (7CRF, 7NAE, 7JCM) or Mr Nichols for Vikings (7KAA, 7SDB).  I am grateful for the many older students who have helped our new students to settle in.

Year 10 results

I am pleased to report that our Year 10 students (now in Year 11) did very well in the GCSEs they took in June: English Literature and Core Science. The proportion gaining C and above was 73% for Literature and 82% for Core Science, both very strong results and a record for Core Science.  A record 19.5% of Core Science students and 17% of Literature students attained A* or A grades.

Year 11 results

You will probably have seen our announcement about last year’s Year 11 GCSE results on the website.  I will write soon with more information about how students did, but am pleased to report the following:

  • 65% of students obtained at least a C grade in both English and Maths
  • 41% of students gained the English Baccalaureate (Cs in English Language, Maths, two sciences, History or Geography and a language), which was a school record.
  • Our new “Progress 8” measure is estimated at +0.41, which probably places us in the top 15% of schools for this, and again, is a school record.  It shows that pupils at Millthorpe make nearly half a grade better progress than pupils in other schools nationally across a range of 8 subjects.

These are very good results, and I am proud of the pupils who worked so hard for them and the staff and parents who helped them to achieve them.

Trevor Burton