New caterers bring fresh ideas to lunchtimes

Millthorpe is delighted to announce the appointment of a new catering company to provide lunches and snacks in the school canteen. Hutchison’s are a small regional firm, founded by two brothers, Colin and Andrew Hutchison, in their native Newcastle. Both trained as chefs, the emphasis will be on tasty, healthy food that appeals to children. “We are all about the food,” says Andrew. “Our philosophy is: if it looks good and tastes good, children will come back for more. If that means spending a bit more to use good quality ingredients, that’s fine because ultimately, it will help the business succeed. We also buy local whenever we can: there are loads of really good suppliers of bread, meat, fruit and vegetables in the area and we’d be mad not to use them.”


The existing kitchen staff will continue to prepare and serve the food and they are looking forward to learning a fresh approach. “We’re excited about developing the new recipes with Colin and Andrew. Sometimes there might be more work involved in preparing dishes from fresh ingredients but in the long run it’s more satisfying and we want to take pride in what we serve up,” says Catering Manager Helen Robinson.

The school is very pleased with the appointment. Business Manager Alex Collins: “I had the tough job of tasting sample dishes from all the companies that we shortlisted and I can confirm that the standard of Hutchison’s food was outstanding. What really pleases me is that they see this as an opportunity to work with the school to develop a service that is unique to Millthorpe, where success is based on being first choice for children, not cost saving in the kitchen.”

Have a look at the menus and meal deals below:

Millthorpe menus

Millthorpe meal deals

Note that the menus are on a four-week rotation starting with Menu One this week.