Millthorpe Remembers

As part of Millthorpe School’s remembrance programme, students attended remembrance assemblies in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday. Mr Baybutt discussed the history of the poppy, the purpose of remembrance and outlined the work of the Royal British Legion so that students would know where their money went if they did choose to buy a poppy.


The History Department has also allocated each House a person from York to follow through the four years of conflict; Saxon House will track 15 year old Thomas Jones, Roman House will follow William Barclay and Viking House will study Ada Fletcher. This is to try to give students an appreciation of the longevity of the conflict across the 4 years, one hundred years on.

The students were an exemplary audience and many did choose to buy and proudly wear their poppies following the assembly. They also impeccably observed a minutes’ silence at 11am on 11 November demonstrating their mature understanding of the whole concept of remembrance.