The Professionals – BBC Yorkshire and CSV Volunteering Opportunity

Do you have a wealth of experience in a particular profession?

Do you want to share your experience with potential employees of the future?

Do you want to help us to foster an ethos in which employment is highly valued?

We need your help! Millthorpe School is working with BBC Yorkshire in partnership with the charity CSV (The UK volunteering and learning charity) on a project called ‘The Professionals’. This is an exciting initiative aimed at encouraging older people to share skills as well as time with younger people.

We are particularly looking for older people who are on the brink of retiring but who want to continue to use their skills for the good of the community.

Millthorpe is planning a series of events and activities to help students improve their awareness of different employment sectors and develop a range of skills that they will need when they enter the job market. Previous projects that local people have helped schools with in the past have included: mock interview days for students, careers advice/business advice, hands-on trades expertise and work experience. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to work with other schools and colleges in York.

If you would be interested in helping out please contact our dedicated member of the BBC, Phil Hughes at