Friday 31 March 2017

Working with York High School
The Chair of our Trust, Edwin Thomas, wrote to you earlier this month to explain that the Trust is considering sponsoring York High School and that we had applied to the Department for Education to be approved as a sponsor. I can now confirm that we have been accepted as a sponsor and that the Trust will continue to explore the risks involved before coming to a final decision. Please click here to read the full letter from Bill Schofield, Chair of Governors.

Signing In
In life it is important to be punctual. Whilst there will sometimes be circumstances which make lateness unavoidable, we expect all students to arrive to registration on time. To encourage students who are in the habit of arriving late to school improve their punctuality, we will take the following actions from Monday 3 April:

  • At 8.45am the ‘warning’ bell sounds for registration.
  • All students must arrive at their tutor bases to be registered at 8.50am.
  • Students arriving after 8.50am will receive a late mark from their tutor.
  • If students arrive at the school office to register between 8.50am and 9.05am, they will be sent back to their tutor bases. Tutors will give these students a late mark. If the students sent back by the office fail to arrive at registration they will be given an after-school detention.
  • Students who arrive after 9.05am must sign in at the school office.
  • Students who arrive after 9.05am without signing in at the school office will be given an after-school detention.
  • Students who arrive late for school on three or more occasions within a two week period will be placed on a punctuality monitoring list. A letter will be sent home and thereafter the students will be given an after-school detention every time they arrive late to school, until a positive pattern of school attendance has been established.

Nut Allergies
We have an increasing number of students in school with nut allergies. These students carry rescue medication (Epipens). As we are planning on moving towards our school being as nut free as possible, we already offer only nut free meals in the Dining Hall and students in Food Technology are advised, as necessary, not to bring in ingredients containing nuts. We would encourage all parents/carers to support us by sending packed lunches that do not contain nuts. We also advise students in school they should not share packed lunches and encourage our students with anaphylaxis not to accept shared food from friends. If you have questions or concerns regarding this please contact Ms Griffiths, designated teacher for medical needs on Thank you for your ongoing support.

Year 11 Art GCSE Exam
Well done to the majority of Year 11 Art students who have completed their art exam this week. Thank you to parents and carers for your support throughout the exam fortnight. To gain target GCSE grades, a successful exam performance (worth 40% of the final assessment) must be matched by high quality coursework. Students must complete their coursework ready to hand in on Friday 12 May. A coursework checklist for all Year 11 students is available on Show My Homework. Students are welcome to borrow materials and equipment for use during the Easter Holidays. Valuable marks can be added if students complete an evaluation for their exam piece. All students have been given a list of questions (see Show My Homework). Evaluations should be handed in to Mrs Cockburn or Mr Pennick and will be accepted until lunchtime on Wednesday 5 April. Your continued support is appreciated.

Period 6 Revision Sessions
The Period 6A and 6B revision sessions for Year 11 students will swap round again from Monday 3 April. The days of the revision sessions will remain the same but where a student has, for example, English in the Period 6A slot this become their 6B slot and vice versa. Students will be issued new timetables on Monday.

Year 11 Leaver’s Hoodies
A reminder that leaver’s hoodies for Year 11 students are now available to order from our school uniform supplier Keal Teamwear. The hoodies are £16.50 each and are available in a range of colours and sizes. To order a hoodie please visit If you select collection as a delivery option we will arrange for hoodies to be delivered to school, free of charge, to be given out at the Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly in June. All orders must be placed by Friday 21 April.

Year 9 Carlton Lodge Trip
Students in Year 9 will be bringing a letter home today regarding the Carlton Lodge Trip, which will be taking place during the last week of the Summer Term. If you would like your child to attend the trip, the deposit needs to be paid by Thursday 6 April.

Year 7 Parents’ Evening Wednesday 10 May 2017
A reminder that the Year 7 Parents’ Evening is taking place on Wednesday 10 May. If you have not requested any appointment times but would like to, please complete and return the appointment request form to school by Thursday 6 April. You can also complete the appointment form online by visiting

York College Aiming High Event Tuesday 4 April 2017
This is a reminder that York College is holding a raising aspirations event for students in Years 10 and 11 who are thinking about applying to Oxford, Cambridge or higher education courses at other universities that demand high grades and further qualifications. The event is taking place at York College on Tuesday 4 April; students and parents should arrive at the main reception from 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.

Year 7 Fortnightly SPaG Focus
The current fortnightly SPaG focus is General Spellings 2. You may wish to support your child’s learning by using the supporting resources which are available by clicking here. Visit the literacy page on the school website for the previous SPaG focus supporting resources and other literacy materials.

Netball Kit Fundraising
Thank you to everyone who has supported the Year 8 girls in their fundraising for new netball skirts. The girls have so far raised £54.16. Well done to Lucy Gowling who won the ‘guess how many sweets in the jar’ and Lucy Winn who won the ‘guess the name of the mascot’. For their next fundraising venture the girls would like donations of empty and clean jam jars for tutor groups to use to collect 1p coins. There will be a prize for the tutor group which raises the most money.