National Careers and Apprenticeship Week

The week commencing Monday 6 March is National Careers and Apprenticeship Week. To celebrate these events staff have arranged lots of different activities to help raise student awareness and understanding of apprenticeships and to give students the opportunity to explore their career options.

We have a variety of guest speakers coming in to school this week including:

  • A Japanese translator/interpreter who will speak to all Year 8 students on Thursday
  • A French translator who will speak to selected Year 10 students on Tuesday
  • A Surveyor from Ordnance Survey who will speak to selected Year 9 and Year 10 students and all Duke of Edinburgh students on Monday
  • Two engineers from A-one+ (Highways) to talk to Year 11 Engineers on Friday

We have also already had the following visitors in the Technology Department, with more guests planned for future weeks:

  • A Graphic Designer from Bivouac
  • Engineers from Portakabin
  • A Quantity Surveyor from Shepard Engineering

Teachers will be including careers and Post-16 pathways within some of their lessons during the week, examples include information on apprenticeships within the Science department (linking to current work on Electricity), GCSE Drama students will start the next section of their course by researching job roles within the theatre industry and students in Art, Science and Music will be researching jobs related to these subjects. There will also be a variety of assemblies including one from Amazing Apprenticeships to all Year 9 students, explaining to them what an apprenticeship is.

Increasingly the Government is promoting Apprenticeships as a Post-16 route and the opportunities available for our students increases each year so it is vital they are aware of all the options open to them upon leaving Millthorpe. We have included a Parents’ Guide to Apprenticeships on our website.

As a school we have worked hard over the years to deliver independent careers information and guidance and we have embedded a strong programme for our students providing advice, support and information on their options and choices post-16. One aspect of this programme is the ‘Preparation for Employment’ Day that all Year 10 students took part in on Thursday 2 March. The day is designed to raise students awareness and understanding of what skills and qualities future employers will be looking for and includes sessions on interview skills and details on finding part-time work as a student. Details of this programme can be found in our Careers Booklet.

This year we are starting to expand this programme. We have taken feedback from our students, staff and parents/carers and we will now be able to offer a more rounded and comprehensive progression programme through to Key Stage 5. This includes offering careers interviews to more Key Stage 4 students, training core staff on apprenticeship routes and increased access to on-line careers guidance sites.