Friday 17 February 2017

Spring Concert Tuesday 14 March 2017
The Spring Concert is taking place on Tuesday 14 March at 7pm in the Main Hall. Tickets are £3 for adults and £2.50 for children/concessions, and are available to buy in the Dining Hall at break times.

Lost Locker Keys
From next half term, if a child loses their locker key, we will expect them to check at home first and, if they still can’t find one, for parents to sign their planner giving us permission before we cut the lock on their locker. This is so that parents don’t face the unexpected cost of replacing locks and to reduce the risk of us removing the lock from the wrong locker if a child makes a mistake (it has happened!) As such, we would urge parents to always keep at least one spare key at home; or, if your child is prone to losing keys, consider a combination lock and keeping a copy of the number. Any items that may be needed urgently, such as medicine, inhalers etc. should always be kept in the school office not in lockers.

World Book Day Thursday 2 March
For World Book Day this year we are going Harry Potter potty and students will be able to come to school with an item of Harry Potter clothing, a costume, or a prop. Students can wear a Harry Potter t-shirt, socks, scarf, tie, badge or glasses, or carry a prop such as a wand, toy owl or broomstick. If your child has such items, or a costume, then please encourage them to bring them along. For students who do not have an item, we will have Harry Potter glasses and face paints available. Students in Years 7 and 8 will receive prizes and House points for the forms with the most students taking part. For students in other years, there will be a small prize which can be collected form the library at lunch time. There will also be many other Harry Potter and book-based activities going on throughout the week.

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers
We are currently collecting Sainsburys vouchers that we can redeem for free sports equipment for the school. Vouchers can be handed to your child’s Form Tutor or the School Office.

Charity Fundraising Raffle
The School Council, along with a group of volunteers, is organising a raffle to help raise money for SASH homelessness charity and is seeking raffle prize donations. Do you know anyone who works for a local business who would be willing to donate prizes to help raise money for this worthwhile cause? If so, please contact Mr Curnow or Mrs McNulty on To find out more about SASH and the work they do please visit their website

Data Collection
A reminder for parents and carers of students in Years 8 to 11 to please return Data Collection sheets as soon as possible. Please check the details on the sheet, update if necessary, and sign and return to your child’s Form Tutor or the school office, thank you.

Year 10 Work Experience
Any outstanding Work Experience forms need to be returned to school as soon as possible. Please check with your child that they have completed and returned theirs.

Apprenticeship Opportunities
Worcester Bosch Apprentice Filed Service Engineer
Siemens Rail Design Apprentice