WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 27 March 2020

Dear parents / carers

I hope that this message finds you all well and thank you for the emails and kind messages that many of you have sent to individual colleagues and the school.

I’d like to address a number of points in this email to try to give you some clarity and reassure you. I took the decision when we entered this challenging period to be completely open and transparent with parents, carers and students and would like to do this again today, so would like to address two key areas: the setting of students’ work, the challenges and our expectations and an update and guidance for our Year 11 students and parents. I hope that you find this communication useful.


Setting of student work and expectations

Some of the challenges of learning from home

I think that we have come to realise over the last week that the school is likely to be closed for a long period of time; we are unsure of exactly how long, but it is not likely to be open for students in the next few weeks and could be closed throughout much of the summer term. This is a completely unprecedented situation and we are trying to work out how school can continue to educate our students in this challenging time without the face to face presence that we have experienced throughout our careers. This is completely new territory for all of us, staff and students. The work that teachers are setting, by this very circumstance, needs to be work that students can largely complete independently.

Students and families are all different and they have different challenges that they face.

Some students are very confident in working independently and thrive on the challenge, spending hours completing all of their school work and, for those students, this keeps them happy and motivated. Some students find working independently a real challenge and are daunted by the prospect of having to work alone and are really missing the opportunity to ask questions and talk things through. Some students are very difficult to engage in school work and will not independently just complete the work set. We are very aware of this because we work with these students and their different types of behaviours every day; whatever way your child works, I can reassure you that there will be a significant number of other children who are very similar in their approach.

Equally, we are aware that some parents feel very confident in supporting children with their studies and may be spending a lot of time working alongside their child/ren. However, many parents are not confident with school work and have little knowledge or understanding of some subjects – as a qualified teacher myself, I would struggle to support my own child with German, for example, as a subject I’ve never studied or with Geography that I haven’t studied since I was in Year 9. Some parents will also have other children or dependents in the house that they are looking after or they may be working from home and are unable to support or challenge or convince their child to complete the work set.

There are homes that have limited access to IT resources and may have to share devices across the family where a parent may also be working from home and there may be difficulties in recording information or answers to tasks when the children’s exercise books run out and you no longer have any paper.

We are very aware of many challenges that families may face. And we are aware that we are unable to supply these resources that we usually would supply. So we are reassuring families that we understand that you may not have easy ways to keep school work recorded and have physical resources you can use.

ClassCharts – our current provision and how we are reviewing it

We are currently setting 1.5-2 hours a week per subject in Key Stage 3 – we know that some students will complete tasks much more quickly and others will struggle to complete very much. Work will be set on the Monday of each week, so when you search ClassCharts by Issue Date, you will see work for the week ahead.

We are continually reviewing with colleagues how we can provide resources that also provide answers and structure so that parents can help students where possible, but they can also help themselves. We are going to further develop how we set work for Year 10 students as they do need to try to complete as much work as they can to place them in the best position for their GCSEs next year. We have limited the work set by teachers to setting the equivalent number of hours that the students would have in school. This should be more manageable for them. We will try to ensure that Year 10 lessons are clearly structured to build on the content that they will need to cover.

We are also working to be able to format all of our documents as PDFs as soon as possible to help those with issues accessing Powerpoints.

There will be some work on ClassCharts that students may choose to complete over Easter but there will be less than usual as we would encourage students and staff to take some holidays.

Extra help

From Monday we will provide all teaching staff email addresses on the website to enable students and/or parents to ask for help or guidance if they do not understand a task or require any support. This cannot be used to deliver a personal curriculum or assessment opportunities for individuals but can be used to feedback to teachers if any work set is posing a problem. Please do ask your children to only contact teachers in a formal manner about school work.

Please note: teachers will not be responding to emails over the Easter holidays.

Our expectations of students

I want to reassure you that the work that we are setting children is to try to support you to support your children but we are NOT imposing rigid expectations of what our parents and students must complete at this time. We recognise that there are immense pressures on some parents and that some students will be anxious about our expectations when they return.

There will not be any formal sanction or consequence if students do not complete all of the work set, or in fact any of the work set.

The purpose of setting school work is to continue to challenge the students’ thinking, introduce them to new learning and to provide a structure for them whilst the regular structure of their world is turned upside down.

We are not underestimating the importance of their education and of continuing to engage with their subjects, but we recognise that all children will have very different experiences at this time. We will have a responsibility to ensure that there is some time set aside in the curriculum when we return, to ensure that all students can recap on what work has been sent and we can explore any misconceptions and close any gaps in their learning.

Therefore we will not be monitoring or assessing exactly what each student has completed. We would advise families to consider how to make this time work best for your children and to continue to keep in touch with their learning.

At this time, we would also recommend that you consider as families how to use this experience to also learn valuable skills for life from home such as cooking skills, gardening and spending time together that you wouldn’t have under normal circumstances. We have added a list of activities to support families that you might consider doing at home on our website.

There are also resources provided on ClassCharts on our Health, Wellbeing and Pastoral area such as Mrs Marley’s daily recipe with minimal ingredients and from Monday there will be a number of resources for when we have ‘time on our hands’.

One cannot underestimate the importance of reading for students – I would strongly recommend that students are reading every day for at least half an hour. This may be newspaper articles or other methods of non-fiction or engaging in a novel; these are life skills that will benefit all subject areas and their literacy.

It would probably be most useful for you to set up a routine for your families to give your children some clear structure. This should include days that they will not complete school work and you may choose to keep this as time at weekend, or you may choose to spread out the time. There should be planned opportunities for exercise and may of you may be using activities such as the 9am Joe Wickes’ sessions to keep your family fit. It would also be good to structure times that you get some fresh air, whether that is the permitted exercise time each day or spending time in outside spaces such as a garden if you have one.

Children are used to having a very rigid timetable for 7.5 hours a day over 5 days so having a structure, however bespoke to your family, will help them to continue to have routines as this stage of lockdown continues and they become more frustrated by the restrictions.


Information for Year 11 students

We should receive more information from the government and Ofqual next week about how grades will be determined for you. We know that we will have to provide some information to the exam boards of our predictions for each student in each subject. This will not be the result of one set of Pre-Public Exams (PPEs) or one set of predictions or one NEA (Non-Examined Assessments or known as coursework) for the subjects that have these. It will be a judgement based on their experience of you throughout the whole GCSE period and how you have progressed and were continuing to progress. This judgement will be informed by informal and formal classroom assessments, your PPEs and other methods of making judgements. PPEs are an unfair model to use as grade boundaries regularly change and many colleagues used harsher boundaries as a precautionary measure to not overestimate your results and leave you disappointed. The government will not solely use PPEs as there are different exams and papers set at different times with different mark schemes across the country.

Please be reassured that your teachers will not be harsh in their predictions when they are asked to submit them but that they will take considerable time to analyse with honesty and integrity what you have completed over time and what you deserve to achieve. Then there will be some external moderation of these predictions that will be outside of our control where the exam boards will use additional information, such as Key Stage 2 scores, and other data to determine your final grade. The government is hoping to be able to set a date so that you will get these grades in July, but this is not yet confirmed. Students who are unhappy will have the opportunity to sit exams as soon as is reasonably possible after school opens again and you could use time over the summer to prepare if this is the case. Students will also have the option to sit their exams in summer 2021. Further information can be found here.

I would like to remind and reassure you that the government will not want you to be negatively impacted by this, neither will they want everyone to sit exams later in the year, so we have to try to be optimistic at the moment rather than worrying.

With this in mind, no further work completed by students will contribute to the predictions that teachers will make.

If NEAs have been completed, they will be taken into account, as will moderated work. If incomplete, teachers will still be able to predict what the student was likely to be able to achieve if they had the time to complete the work.

Therefore, I don’t feel that it is fair or sensible to suggest that Year 11 continue to revise or complete work that they will not be assessed on. Teachers will provide work for each subject that helps students to prepare for their next steps. It would be advisable and sensible to focus on the subjects that you wish to continue at A Level or to look at the subjects most useful to you if preparing for a vocational course. In those areas on ClassCharts teachers will provide work that may still not have been completed and would be useful to cover before A Level or work that will help you to prepare further by extending your thinking and wider understanding around a specific subject.

Please do not make any contact with your teachers about grades as they are instructed not to discuss grades with you. However, if you wish to ask for help, they are more than willing to support you.


Young carers

At Millthorpe School, we work hard to support all of our students who are Young Carers as they undertake a caring role at home. Those Young Carers known to us will continue to receive additional support during the coming weeks and months but there may be some students who are Young Carers but are not known to us.

If your child does undertake a caring role at home and you would like more information about how we can support you at this time, please e-mail Miss Johnson.

Support for parents and families

‘The Parents’ Guide to’ provides parents of teenagers with a wealth of information they need to help their children create successful futures. In response to the Coronavirus outbreak they have produced a useful guide called The Parents’ Guide to Coping with School Closures.

Support for Families document has been shared by City of York Council and is full of information, web links and contact details for families in need of support on a number of topics including: housing, finance, food, SEN, mental health and bereavement amongst others.

Please do take a look at these documents and if you feel you need support from school, please contact us.

Handling Anger in the Family

The team at Family Matters York are planning to offer an online course from next week on Handling Anger in the Family. It will look at how as adults we manage our own anger and then how we support our children’s feelings of anger. It will involve the presentation of material, whole group discussions and small group activities which will all take place online at the same time, on the same day over four weeks.

Anyone who is interested is asked to contact Family Matters with a preference for one of the following times: 9.00-11.00am; 2.00-4.00pm; or 7.30-9.30pm. They can be contacted on T: 07393 147259 or E: info@fmy.org.uk

Final message

I know that these are challenging times for all of our community. On behalf of all of the staff at Millthorpe, I hope that your families stay safe and follow the guidance from the Government and I look forward to seeing you when you return.

We will continue to keep in touch with you all when we receive any information and on a Friday.

With best wishes

Gemma Greenhalgh
Head of School


During times of school closure there may be instances where you may have a safeguarding concern or need some help and advice. Please find below some phone numbers that may be helpful to you.

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub – 01904 551900.  The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is the single point of contact for all safeguarding concerns regarding children and young people in York

CAMHS / Limetrees 01904 615300

CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. When a child or young person’s worries, problems or behaviours begin to impact upon their everyday lives, the CAMHS team can support you by offering professional help and advice. The CAMHS team in York is based at Lime Trees

Single Point of Access 01904 615345

This is a service offered by CAMHS for those who have concerns around their child’s mental health and feel a referral is required. This is often done in support with the GP. In the first instance a phone call would be best practice so you can discuss your concerns and they can advise what the next steps should be in your case.

Young People’s Crisis Line 01904 615348

If you or your child feel like they are at crisis and need immediate support this can be sought through the above contact number or through a text service, Young Minds, on 85258. This service is provided to support urgent issues such as suicidal thoughts, abuse or assault, self-harm, bullying, relationship issues etc.

Adult Crisis Line 01904 526582

As with young people, adults too may at times need support with mental health and well-being. You will speak with an experienced professional who can listen to you and provide you with support and guidance . This service can  signpost you to the right professionals to help you further.

To discuss safeguarding concerns or seek further advice from a school colleague please contact Mrs Madden, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead,

mobile: 07775025756 ( work hours only )

e mail: a.madden@millthorpeschool.co.uk








WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 20 March 2020

Millthorpe Loop Quiz Night postponed

With regret we have taken the decision to postpone the Millthorpe Loop Quiz Night due to the ongoing uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you to all those who have spent their time and energy in arranging the event and to all of those who have bought tickets to date. We are confident that the quiz will take place in the future and we will set a new date as soon as we can.

Families in need of support

Further to Miss Greenhalgh’s email earlier this week about free school meals provision, we would like to remind you that we can access York Foodbank for further support and issue Foodbank vouchers for families in need.

York Foodbank is part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK. They can provide three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced food to support local people who are referred to them in crisis.

For further information please contact Ruth Cooper at School or York Foodbank can be contacted directly E: info@york.foodbank.org.uk  T: 07871 610 894.

Year 11 photographs

Braiswick Photographers have extended the deadline for ordering your Year 11 photographs – the new deadline is now Friday 27 March.

Uniform supplies – Keal Teamwear

Our uniform suppliers, Keal Teamwear, have notified us that they will be closing their shop temporarily as of today. They will still be offering an online delivery service if anyone does want to purchase uniform.

Careers and HE Fair – All Saints RC School

The All Saints Careers and HE Fair scheduled to take place on Monday 23 March has been cancelled.

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 13 March 2020

Eco Laundry – uniform stock plea

Thank you to everyone who has already kindly donated items of school uniform to Millthorpe’s Eco Laundry. We have received plenty of shirts, trousers in smaller waist sizes and jumpers, but we are still in need of the following items:

  • Blazers
  • Trousers in sizes 32″ and 34″ for both boys and girls
  • Skirts

If anyone can help, please drop your items in to the School Office at any time.

Mental health support for children and young people

Kooth is a transformational digital mental health support service. It gives children and young people easy access to an online community of peers and a team of experienced counsellors. Access is free of the typical barriers to support: no waiting lists, no thresholds, no cost and complete anonymity. Launched in 2004 and accredited by the BACP, more than 1,500 children and young people across the country login to Kooth every day.

This is a fantastic online resource available to all.

Millthorpe Loop Quiz Night – tickets are selling fast!

There’s still time to get your tickets for the Millthorpe Loop Quiz Night, but don’t delay as they are selling fast.

We are still planning for the event to take place on Friday 27 March, from 7.00-9.30pm in the School Hall. The victorious team will win a Barrow of Booze and there will also be smaller prizes for the runners-up.

Tickets priced at £3 per person are now available via ParentPay or from Millthorpe School’s Main Reception (cash only please). All proceeds will go to Millthorpe Loop funds. (All monies will be refunded in the event of cancellation.)

Year 11 reports

Year 11 students should have received their reports this week. Please contact the School Office if your child has not received their report.

Project Prom

If you are looking for a prom dress or suit, but don’t want to spend a fortune, why not go along to the next Project Prom event on Wednesday 25 March? The event runs from 5.00-7.00pm at Archbishop Holgate’s School on Hull Road and you can choose from over 200 dresses and 50 suits which are available to hire.

Take a look at the Project Prom flyer.

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 6 March 2020

Millthorpe Loop Quiz Night – tickets now on sale

Tickets are now on sale for the Millthorpe Loop Quiz Night!

The evening, hosted by Tom Adams, resident Quizmaster at The Swan and The Slip, will take place on Friday 27 March, from 7.00-9.30pm in the School Hall. The victorious team will win a Barrow of Booze and there will also be smaller prizes for the runners-up.

Tickets priced at £3 per person are now available via ParentPay or from Millthorpe School’s Main Reception (cash only please). Tickets are limited so don’t miss out, get them fast!

All proceeds will go to Millthorpe Loop funds.

Kick the Habit – Anti-idling campaign

As a school we are backing City of York Council’s ‘Kick the Habit’ campaign which urges everyone to play a part in reducing air pollution by:

  • encouraging drivers to switch off their engines when parked up and waiting (idling)
  • reducing the numbers of idling vehicles in York
  • drawing attention to the health risks of continued idling

The campaign also wants to make people think about the importance of clean air and the impact that air pollution has on our health; the Kick the Habit campaign starts a conversation about air quality in York to prompt a change in the behaviour of drivers in our city.

If you are dropping off or collecting your child from school, please help us to support the ‘Kick the Habit’ initiative.

You can find out more about the scheme here.

Early closure reminder

Just a reminder that school closes at 2.20pm for staff professional development on Wednesday 11 March.

Year 9 reports

Year 9 students should have received their reports this week. Please contact the School Office if your child has not received their report.

Drama Club – Year 7 & 8

Next week we are starting a new Drama Club for Year 7 and 8 students. It will take place in the Drama Hall every Tuesday lunchtime. Lunch passes are available from Mrs Sladen or students are welcome to being their lunch with them.

Sport England project

We would like to inform you about a research project led by Sheffield Hallam University which is taking place to evaluate the impact of a new programme to improve students’ experiences of PE and physical activity. This programme is currently being offered to all secondary schools in England by Sport England and the Secondary Teacher Training Consortium. The research project asks students and staff to complete a short online survey before the start and at the end of the project that asks their opinion of the physical education, physical activity and sport opportunities available to them at school.

All data from the study is anonymous and your child’s data will be combined with those of many others and summarised in a report to further protect anonymity.

If you do not want your child to participate in the research study, please inform us by emailing the school office.

Full information about the project can be found here. Any further questions can be directed to Mr Randall or Mr Collins.

Free talk at Bootham School – An Operational Mindset

On 12 March, Bootham School is hosting a talk by venture capital firm, GreatPoint View (GPV), called An Operational Mindset. The event will take place from 6.00-7.00pm and tickets are free. Further information can be found here.

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 28 February 2020

Millthorpe Loop – Quiz Night

Millthorpe Loop are holding a Quiz Night on Friday 27 March, from 7.00-9.30pm in the School Hall. The evening, hosted by Tom Adams, resident Quizmaster at The Swan and The Slip, promises to be an evening filled with fun, good company and some healthy competition!

The victorious team will win a Barrow of Booze and there will also be smaller prizes for the runners-up.

Tickets are priced at £3 per person and will be available via ParentPay or from Millthorpe School’s Main Reception (cash only please) from Wednesday 4 March. Tickets are limited so don’t miss out, get them fast! All proceeds will go to Millthorpe Loop funds.

Austria Ski Trip Parents Evening – Tuesday 3 March

Mr Boothman will be holding a meeting about the Austria Ski Trip for parents and students at 6.00pm on Tuesday 3 March in the Drama Studio. He will deliver a presentation, provide information booklets about the trip and answer any questions you may have. The booklets will include all the information covered during the evening and other relevant information to help you prepare for the trip.

Please remember to bring your child’s passport and EHIC card on the evening.

If anyone is unable to attend, Mr Boothman will send a booklet home for you. If, after reading this, you still have any questions, please contact Mr Boothman by email and he will give you a call.

Year 7 Activities Club

Year 7 children are invited to a new after-school enrichment club, which will take place on Fridays from 3.10-4.00pm in classroom A2. The club will enable students to take part in activities that are interesting, educational and fun.

Each half-term will have a different theme and in summer, some of our activities will take place outside. This half-term we will focus on cooking skills by making healthy, low cost snacks.

Full details about the club can be found here.

Spring Concert

A reminder that the annual Spring Concert will be held next Tuesday, 3 March at 7.00pm in the School Hall. Tickets, priced at £3 or £2.50 concession, will be available on the door on the evening.

Supporting people with nut allergies

Parents/carers are courteously reminded that, to protect the safety of students and staff at risk of anaphylaxis, nuts and products containing nuts should not be brought into school. Students should also be advised not to share pack ups and snacks with other students and eat only in designated areas. Thank you for your continued support.

Ending period poverty

We are pleased to be taking part in the government scheme to support ending period poverty. The scheme is for all learners who need to access sanitary products in their place of learning in order to access education.

Further information about the scheme will be released over the next few weeks.

Calling all History nerds!

Greg Jenner is coming to York to talk about his new book “Dead Famous – A History of Celebrity.” He is delivering a free talk, co-ordinated by the History Nerds team and St Peter’s School, which is open to the wider public. Greg is the Chief Nerd at Horrible Histories and has a brilliant podcast called You’re Dead To Me which is well worth a listen.

Tickets are FREE but if you would like to attend it would be advisable to book as soon as possible as tickets will go very fast!
Greg will be signing copies of Dead Famous (priced at £16) after the talk.

World Book Day – Thursday 5 March

To mark World Book Day we will be holding a Book Swap and on the day, students can wear an item of clothing or carry a prop relating to their favourite book or book character, for example a Harry Potter jumper or socks or carry a prop such as a wizard hat or wand. This is in addition to uniform and not instead of. Students taking part can come to the library at lunch time to receive a treat.

The Book Swap can be found on the table as you walk into the library. All students need to do is bring a book, place it on the table, and help themselves to any other book.
There will be other activities and treats throughout the week and more fun in the library on Thursday lunch time.

Battlefields Trip – Correction

We erroneously reported in the last Millthorpe Messenger that some of our Year 10 students would be heading off on the Battlefields trip next month. The trip has been cancelled this year as we didn’t get a sufficient number of students to make it viable. Please accept our apologies for any confusion.

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 14 February 2020

Work Experience – Year 10 Students

Thank you to all the students who have already returned their competed paperwork. Unfortunately there are still a considerable number of students who have not done so.

It is imperative that the placements are organised and paperwork returned as soon as possible. Copies of the Work Experience Agreement forms are available from the school office.

Work Experience is part of the Year 10 curriculum and therefore all students MUST organise a placement.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Year 8 Parents’ Evening will take place on Thursday 27 February from 4.00–6.30pm. Parents are invited to book and manage their own appointments via the online booking system, which will be available from 9.00am, Saturday 15 February – 12.00midnight, Sunday 23 February.

Eco Laundry

We plan to launch the Eco Laundry very soon. Thank you for everyone’s donations so far! We are now up to date with the washing so everything is ready to swap or buy.

Any further donations of uniform would be gratefully received and should be taken to the school office.

Course information from Family Matters York

There are still places available on the following courses starting after half-term:

Time Out for Parents – Children with Additional Needs
When: 24 February for 6 weeks on Mondays 9.30-11.30am
Where: The Gateway Centre
Front Street, Acomb, York YO24 3BZ
for more information click here

Time Out from Anger
When: 2 March for 4 weeks on Mondays 12.45-2.45pm
Where: Clifton Children’s Centre
Kingsway North, Clifton, York YO30 6JA
for more information click here

Time Out for Parents – the Teenage Years
When: 27 February for 5 weeks on Thursdays 12.45-2.45pm
Where: Cornerstone @ St. George’s
Millfield Lane, Osbaldwick, York YO10 3AL
for more information click here

Please contact Family Matters directly if you would like to book a place or visit the Family Matters website.

Spring Concert

The annual Spring Concert will be held on Tuesday 3 March at 7.00pm in the School Hall.  Tickets, priced at £3 or £2.50 concession, will be available on the door on the evening.

Celebrating sporting achievement

The PE Department is planning to celebrate sporting achievement in 2020, via a display board filled with individual and team photos of students participating in sport both inside and outside school.

Please take a look at Mr Randall’s letter here.

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 7 February 2020

Year 10 Work Experience – 6-17 July 2020

We have extended the deadline for the return of the Work Experience paperwork to Friday 14 February. Please speak to your child if they have not already handed in their paperwork.

All students in Year 10 MUST have a placement as this is part of the curriculum.The NYBEP website where you can search for placements can be found here: https://nybep.work-experience.co.ukand the login username and password is Millthorpe2020.

Please remember that you can find a placement through the NYBEP website or you can source your own placement.

Student absence

Just a reminder that if your son/daughter is unwell or unable to attend school for any other reason, please call school on 01904 686400 before 9.30am each day, unless a longer a period of absence has already been notified. You can also email: admin@millthorpeschool.co.uk

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Year 8 Parents’ Evening will take place on Thursday 27 February from 4.00–6.30pm. Parents are invited to book and manage their own appointments via the online booking system, which will be available from 9.00am, Saturday 15 February – 12.00midnight, Sunday 23 February.

Year 7 reports

Year 7 students should have received their reports this week. Please contact the School Office if your child has not received their report.

Millthorpe Loop – FAQs for parents/carers

In last Friday’s weekly email we introduced The Millthorpe Loop, a newly founded parent/carer forum which is working to develop a “Frequently Asked Questions” system of information sharing.

The FAQ system will be a source of practical information to support parents/carers, staff and students with answers to quick questions.

Thanks to those who have already suggested questions for inclusion. If you haven’t had the chance to do this yet, please do spare a couple of minutes to add your suggestions for FAQs you would like, or you think other parents might like, to have answers to. Click this survey link to add your questions.

Austria Ski Trip Parents Evening – Tuesday 3 March

Mr Boothman will be holding a meeting about the Austria Ski Trip for parents and students at 6.00pm on Tuesday 3 March in the Drama Studio. He will deliver a presentation, provide information booklets about the trip and answer any questions you may have. The booklets will include all the information covered during the evening and other relevant information to help you prepare for the trip.

Please remember to bring your child’s passport and EHIC card on the evening.

If anyone is unable to attend, Mr Boothman will send a booklet home for you. If, after reading this, you still have any questions, please contact Mr Boothman by email and he will give you a call.

Poland 2020 trip to Krakow

Please remember that students need about £20 (in sterling) to cover costs if they want to buy food, drink or other items at the airport. Spending money should be Polish Zloty. We feel that £60 should be enough to cover lunch requirements, hotel behaviour deposit, and to cover any shopping/souvenir purchases the students may wish to make. This should be sealed in an envelope clearly labelled with the pupil’s name and amount of currency.

Any questions/problems, please email Miss Forrester

GCSE Science Live Trip for Year 10 Triple Science Students

This is a reminder that the GCSE Science Live Trip for Year 10 Triple Science students is taking place next Wednesday 12 February. Students are to meet in the dining hall at 8.40am, to be registered ready for a swift departure at 8.50am. All students MUST be in full school uniform and come with a packed lunch for the trip. Any students who are eligible for Free School Meals who wish to get a packed lunch from the canteen are asked to let canteen staff know before Wednesday.

The expected arrival time back to school is 4.30pm to Scarcroft Road, from where students will be dismissed.

Driving to school

If you are dropping students off at school or need to park near school during the day, please make sure you pull up where it is safe to do so without causing an obstruction. Please remember to park considerately and do not block entrances to nearby roads and/or driveways.

A reminder that parents/carers should under no circumstances be driving into school to drop off or collect students unless by prior arrangement with the school (eg for a student with an injury).

Diary reminders

  • School will close for half-term on Friday 14 February at 3.10pm and reopen on Monday 24 February at 8.50am.
  • School will be closed to students on Friday 6 March for a teacher training day.

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 31 January 2020

Careers Fair and Higher Education Evening

Students and parents/carers are invited to a Careers Fair and Higher Education Evening at All Saints RC School.

This will be held on Monday 23 March from 4.00-7.00pm. There will be a wide range of employers and universities to visit at the fair, and there will also be a range of presentations delivered by the universities including: student finance; choosing a course; writing the UCAS application; applying for a competitive course. There will also be presentations about Apprenticeships, including Degree Apprenticeships.

To book a place please visit the registration page.

The Millthorpe Loop

The Millthorpe Loop is a newly founded parent/carer forum which has two main priorities this year:

  • Priority One is a School Quiz in March, which aims to improve community links and raise funds.
  • Priority Two is developing a “Frequently Asked Questions” system of information sharing. We aim to develop a FAQ system with the support of parents/carers, staff and students which will be a source of practical information to support you with answers to quick questions rather than a conversation/discussion tool.

Please click this survey link to tell us the FAQs you would like, or you think other parents might like, to have answers to.

Thank you for your help with our flagship innovation. If you would like to be involved in Millthorpe Loop please contact Mary Simpson.

Early closure reminder

Just a reminder that school closes at 2.20pm for staff professional development on Wednesday 5 February.

Year 8 reports

Year 8 students should have received their reports this week. Please contact the School Office if your child has not received their report.

Project Prom

Project Prom is an initiative which helps to make sure that everyone attending their leavers’ prom is able to have a nice dress or a good suit. The project was launched by Gail Hirst, Welfare Officer at Archbishop Holgate’s School, but is open to anyone across the city.

A colleague at City of York Council is collecting dresses and suits for Project Prom, so if you would like to make a donation of pre-loved items in good condition, please contact Ruth Cooper in school for further information. They are also looking for clothes rails and hangers.

Project leaders are hoping to hold an open event so that people can go along and pick out an outfit. A date is to be confirmed soon.

Anyone who would like to take advantage of this project should contact Ruth Cooper.

PE/Games kit reminder and expectations

Millthorpe School enjoys high participation rates in PE and Games with the vast majority of students organised and ready to learn. A number of students in recent weeks have had some issues with the organisation of their PE and Games kit, in particular, bringing outdoor studded football boots for games. The kit requirements for PE/Games have not changed and students and parents/carers are reminded that expectations around PE/Games kit should be followed as rigorously as all school uniform.

A reminder of the PE/Games kit can be found on the school website.

Young Carers Awareness Day

Yesterday we held a non-uniform day to mark Young Carers Awareness Day and so far, we have collected a fantastic £800 through donations and a bake sale. All proceeds will go to York Carers Centre.

Thanks to all for your kind donations and contributions.

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 24 January 2020

Year 9 Options Evening

A reminder that our Year 9 Options Evening will be held at 6.00pm on Thursday 30 January in the School Hall. The evening will start with a short talk outlining the options process and then there will be an opportunity for parents/carers and students to speak to individual Heads of Departments.

Young Carers Awareness Day

A reminder that in recognition of Young Carers Awareness Day, we will be holding a non-uniform day for students in Years 7-10 on Thursday 30 January. A £1 donation can be made either to form tutors or via ParentPay. There will also be a bake sale on Thursday lunchtime upstairs in A Block. Please bring any cake donations to C8 on Thursday morning – thank you!

Equipping young people to look after their mental wellbeing

We are working closely with the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust in the interest of promoting positive emotional wellbeing, talking about mental health challenges and how as a school we can better support our students.

The Trust aims to:

  • Equip young people to look after their mental wellbeing.
  • Help people to recognise the signs of depression in themselves and others so they know when to seek help.
  • Ensure expert and evidence-based help is available when people need it.

Attendees at last week’s Year 11 Parents’ Evening had the opportunity to speak to our Pastoral Team about students’ wellbeing and pick up resources and information on Managing Exam Stress, Perfectionism, Sleep, Depression and Wellbeing. These resources are available in school or through the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. Any parent or student who would like to talk to somebody about any wellbeing or mental health issues, can talk to a member of the Pastoral Team.

Breakfast study space for Year 11s

You may be aware that the government provides additional school funding, known as Pupil Premium funding, to support students who are currently entitled to free school meals, or who have been in the past.

Like most schools, Millthorpe uses this funding for extra resources to help students achieve their potential, such as revision guides, after-school study groups and financial assistance with school trips. This year, we have also used some of the funding to turn an unused store room at the back of a classroom (A2) into a kitchen, to create a breakfast study space for Pupil Premium students. In future, this space will be available to Pupil Premium students in all year groups, but during our PPE exams next week and the week after, we are opening it to Year 11 only in response to feedback from these students after their November PPE exams.

Although primarily aimed at Pupil Premium students, we are happy to welcome, space permitting, other Year 11 students who wish to make use of the facility during the exam period.

If your son/daughter would like to use the breakfast/study facility next week, they just need to come to A2 at 8.10am or as soon after 8.10am as they can. The room will be open from 8.10-8.50am and cereal, toast, fruit and hot drinks will be available free of charge, as well as a quiet place to study and prepare for exams.

If you have any queries, please contact Tania Andrle, Assistant Headteacher, via the school office.

Free Acting Workshop Day at Leeds College of Music

As an introduction to their BA Acting and Actor Musician programmes, Leeds College of Music are inviting performers (storytellers, actors or musicians) aged 15-25yrs to a FREE day of training on Saturday 8 February 2020.

The day will be facilitated by Erin Carter (Programme Leader for Acting and Actor Musician) alongside other professional theatre makers. Participants will experience conservatoire training by taking part in creative workshops.

In addition to the workshop activity, for those considering applying to drama school in the future they can book a ‘mock’ audition and feedback slot.

For more information and to book a place/s please click here

Forthcoming lectures at St Peter’s School

If your son/daughter is interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), the following free public lectures at St Peter’s School may be of interest:

Gravity: Jet Powered Suits
Thursday 30 January 2020 at 7.00pm

Wednesday 5 February 2020. Doors open at 5.30pm with hands-on stargazing with the York Astronomical Society and a science exhibition before the lecture at 7.30pm.
This event is in conjunction with York University Physics Department & York Astronomical Society.

Eco Laundry to launch after half-term

After the February half-term, we will be launching our Eco Laundry scheme. We know that uniform can not only get lost or damaged, but as students grow, items can also seem to get too small very quickly! The Eco Laundry will provide a system through which you can buy, swap or donate items of school uniform, so it will not only be kind to your pocket, but kind to the environment too.

More information will follow after half-term, but for now if anyone would like to donate unwanted items of school uniform, please take them along to the School Office at any time.

Millthorpe Loop

Millthorpe Loop is a group of parents/carers and staff representatives which has formed to discuss and plan activities such as fundraising, forums, community initiatives and more. They are also looking at ways of engaging the community, particularly parents and carers, in the life of Millthorpe School and offering opportunities for fun and socialising.

The first event in the calendar will be the Millthorpe Loop Quiz Night. The event will be held on the evening of Friday 27 March 2020 at school, and our quizmaster for the evening will be none other than Tom Adams who regularly hosts events at The Slip and The Swan. This promises to be a great social occasion, with a bar, a raffle and of course, lots of healthy competition, so make sure you save the date – pop it in your diary now!

For further information about Millthorpe Loop, please contact Ms Simpson. More details about the quiz night will follow in the next few weeks.

Ski trip to Austria – Year 10 students

Two spaces have become available to join the ski trip to Austria in the second week of the Easter break (11-18 April). The cost of the trip is £830 and places will be offered on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested please complete and return the reply slip either by email or on paper.

If you require any further information about the trip, please email Mr Boothman.