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School Uniform Leaflet

We expect students to wear ‘standard’ clothes and to avoid extremes of fashion. Outdoor clothing may be worn inside before and after school but must not be worn inside between 8.50am and 3.10pm. The following should clarify what is expected:

  • Hairstyles must not reflect extremes of fashion; natural hair colours only.
  • Wearing heavy make up is not allowed. We would prefer no make up to be worn by Year 7 students.
  • Jewellery: one ring is allowed. Students may wear one plain stud in each ear. No additional body piercing is acceptable.
  • Nail varnish is not allowed.
  • All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the student’s name.
  • Wallets and purses must be marked and kept on the person at all times except during PE and Games, when special arrangements will be made for their safe-keeping.
  • Plain black or brown belts only. Fashion belts are not allowed.
General School Uniform
  • All students must have a Millthorpe School blazer.
  • Millthorpe School jumper (optional)
  • Millthorpe House tie: Roman – red; Saxon – blue; and Viking – green. Key Stage 3 – single stripe. Key Stage 4 – double stripe.
  • White shirt (students must not wear t-shirts underneath their shirt).
  • Trousers should be plain black, not denim or cord. Trousers should have no double stitched seams and no studs. No skinny fit trousers – you must be able to ‘pinch an inch’ of material around the thigh.
  • Skirts should be black in a classic style (flared, pleated, straight) in a woven material. Denim style skirts are not allowed. Skirts should be knee length.
  • Tights should be natural, black or navy in colour.
  • Shoes should be sensible, plain black or brown, low-heeled in leather/leather-look material. Plain black plimsolls are allowed. Trainers are not permitted. Boots of any description are not allowed.
  • School bags should be fit for purpose and big enough to fit an A4 file inside.
Physical Education


  • PE –  Plain white t-shirt, white shorts, white ankle socks, white plimsolls or trainers and towel.
  • Games – Reversible sky/navy soccer/rugby shirt (available from Keal Teamwear), navy shorts, navy socks, soccer/rugby boots, outdoor trainers, shin pads and towel. Key Stage 4 students have the option of wearing navy tracksuit trousers or jogging bottoms but will also need shorts.


  • PE – White aertex shirt, navy shorts, white ankle socks, indoor white plimsolls or trainers and towel.
  • Games – Zip fleece top (available from Keal Teamwear), navy shorts, white aertex shirt, navy hockey socks, shin pads, hockey/soccer boots, outdoor trainers and towel.

To prevent marking and soiling of the sports hall and gym floors, footwear for indoor use should be clean and have either white or light coloured soles.

Design and Technology

For work in Design and Technology the school provides aprons where needed which must be worn. Strong shoes should be worn for these subjects.