Students receive positive stamps in their planners for good work and behaviour. Certificates are given out to students when they reach the number of positives below:

150 Positives

300 Positives

450 Positives

600 Positives

Double Platinum
750 Positives

Headteacher’s Award
900 Positives

Headteacher’s Special Award
1050 Positives

Headteacher’s Ultimate Award
1200 Positives

Year 11 students earn a lunchtime pass by getting 20 positives over a 2 week period.

House Cup

The Positives students earn are added together with points from inter-house competitions, sports day and other school activities to give a total number of points for each House:

The House Cup is awarded to the House with the most points at the annual Awards Evening in October.

Praise to Encourage

Encouragement is important. Teachers at Millthorpe aim to use praise precisely. We recognise effort, progress and positive attitudes to learning with a stamper engraved with our initials. Telling students what they have done well encourages them to try and to succeed.

At Millthorpe we have four essential rights that everyone is entitled to and a simple list of expectations aimed to protect everyone’s rights.

Clear Consequences

When a student ignores a rule in the classroom, we first remind them of the rule and encourage them to correct their behaviour. Where misbehaviour continues, students are given a negative comment. Although teachers have different styles and approaches, we try hard to be fair and consistent both in our use of praise to encourage and in the way we issue clear and certain consequences to limit misbehaviour.

Good Discipline Throughout the School

We promote good discipline by taking effective action when students ignore rules about:

  • Uniform
  • Eating in school
  • Wearing coats inside
  • Being punctual to school and to lessons
  • Being calm in corridors
  • Using language which is polite and friendly
  • Having mobile phones out in school

Students who ignore these rules will receive a 10 minute detention with their Period 5 teacher at the end of the day.

Teachers Tackle Low Level Disruption

Behaviour in lessons is very good. We want it to be outstanding. Any instance of poor behaviour in lessons will be followed up, in the first instance, by the class teacher. If a student receives a negative comment, their teacher will arrange a 10 minute detention to take place during break, lunch or at 3.20pm.

Tougher Sanctions for Repeated Disruption

We focus our out most serious sanctions on students who are persistently disruptive. Students who receive 9 negatives in a 2 week period will work in isolation for a day. Break and lunchtimes will be supervised and students will remain behind for a further hour at the end of the school day. On the rare occasions that a student is removed from a lesson, they will be placed in Student Remove and only return to lessons when it is clear they are ready to learn and behave positively.