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Multi-Academy Trust Proposal

Millthorpe has a good and growing reputation within York and has for some time been involved in working collaboratively with other schools in the City. An exciting opportunity has now arisen for three schools to work more closely together for the benefit of the local community of Southbank.

We already have a strong partnership within the Southbank area and Millthorpe has been a core member of this local cluster of schools for many years. A possible next step is to formalise our partnership into a Multi-Academy Trust. This would mean Millthorpe becoming an Academy. Academies are publicly funded schools that are not controlled by the Local Authority. This gives them greater freedom and independence in a number of key areas. A Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is a group of schools that convert to being Academies and join together as one entity, forming a legal partnership.

The schools that we are considering a partnership with are Knavesmire Primary and Scarcroft Primary. Each school would be an equal member of this partnership, retaining its own Headteacher and distinctive individual characteristics. The Senior Leaders of the three schools would, however, work more closely together.

The Governing Bodies at all three schools have made the decision to explore Academy conversion as part of a locally-based Multi-Academy Trust. They will now enter into a period of legal exploration, to ensure that there are no legal barriers to such a proposal. They have also completed a consultation with all stakeholders which can be found here: MAT Consultation Document