Mr B Jackson, Head of Music
Mrs C Wright

Key Stage 4

This course offers students the opportunity to develop their musical skills through performing, composing, listening and appraising music.

Unit 1: Listening and Appraising (20%)

Students will sit a 1 hour examination at the end of the course. They will be expected to respond to questions from a variety of styles and traditions. This is externally assessed.

Unit 2: Composing and Appraising Music (20%) Controlled Assessment

Students will have up to 20 hours of supervised time in which to compose a piece based on a brief, with 2 hours supervised time to complete an appraisal.

Unit 3: Performing (40%)

Students are required to perform 2 pieces (one solo and one ensemble) on their chosen instrument or voice. All pieces are internally assessed and externally moderated.

Unit 4: Composing Music (20%) Controlled Assessment

Students will compose a piece in the style of their choice but based on two areas of study. This composition is internally assessed and externally moderated. Students will need 25 hours of supervised time in which to compose the piece.

In Year 10 students will acquire general music theory and composition skills. They will study Popular Song and World Music as part of the listening and analysis work. They will be required to submit a first ‘practice’ composition before Easter. In the Summer term they will prepare and perform their solo performance.

In Year 11 students will study the Western Classical tradition in listening and analysis and sit a mock listening paper before Christmas. The Composition Controlled Assessment will be set during the Autumn term. After Christmas students will work on Composing and Appraising Controlled Assessment, as well as solo/ensemble performance work. All coursework will be revised and completed for submission by Easter of the exam year.