Mr A Ward, Head of ICT
Miss V Morris
Mr R Young

Key Stage 3

As a department we aim to deliver exciting and challenging lessons utilizing the Key Stage 3 Strategy guidelines. We use these as guidance to our teaching and learning and support it by endeavoring to ensure that students:

  • experience exciting and interesting ICT lessons. Each ICT lesson consists of a series of brief activities in order to provide variety and challenge to the lesson.
  • are actively involved in the lesson, thinking hard, being challenged, aware of objectives and outcomes and assisting each other where necessary.
  • are more able to do things for themselves, taking into consideration personal learning and thinking skills (PLTs). (Independent Enquirer, Creative Thinker, Team Worker, Reflective Learner, Self Manager, Effective Participator).
  • have extra support if they are not living up to their potential. We benefit in many of our lessons by the support of dedicated and highly skilled Teaching Assistants.
Key Stage 4

This section is currently under review.