Mrs E Watson, Head of H&SC

Key Stage 4

This subject is designed to provide insight into all aspects of Health and Social Care. This includes the needs of client groups and the type of care they can access, roles of professionals within care services, human growth and development, relationships and factors that affect health and well-being. It is not a vocational subject and although some visits may take students will be required to work independently and to a high academic level to collect primary and secondary research.


Unit 1: Health, Social and Early Years Provision – This looks in depth at the types of care available within all three services including the roles of the NHS and Primary Care Trusts, local authority social services and all types of child care. Students will study the needs of clients, barriers to accessing care, job roles, codes of practice and legislation used to empower clients using each service. Unit 1 is assessed through a controlled assignment task. This contributes to 60% of the final grade.

Unit 2 – The focus of this unit is to make students aware of how we grow and develop and that a range of factors/life events/experiences can influence our physical, intellectual, social and emotional development, with all life stages covered in detail. Students also study the different types of relationships and how self concept can impact development. Unit 2 is assessed through an external exam, usually taken in January or June and makes up the remaining 40% of the marks.