Mrs E Arnold, Head of English
Mr S Butterworth, Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Nichols, Director of Achievement
Mrs P Sabberton
Mrs C Bates
Mrs J Minaeian
Miss E Cullan
Miss A Redman

Key Stage 3

English delivers the core skills of communication, creativity and critical thinking. All students in school will have the opportunity to take qualifications in English to GCSE level. The vast majority of students will complete two GCSEs – English Language and English Literature.

Key Stage 4

Language is assessed through a mixture of Controlled Assessment (coursework completed and marked in school but carried out under timed exam conditions) and External Assessment (exams). Controlled Assessment consist of three written assignments; one assesses creative writing, another involves studying a text in detail – this could be a novel or even a biography. One final assignment asks students to study the way that different people use speech – they can pick their own data for this task, using anyone from favourite celebrities to next door neighbours. Speaking and listening activities count for the remaining 20% of controlled assessment. These focus on drama, debates and individual presentations. It’s about giving students a chance to think about how they communicate verbally. There is also one exam worth 40%. This is a test of how well students respond to and create non-fiction texts including magazines, websites, advertisements and newspaper articles.

Literature is assessed through 25% Controlled Assessment and 75% External Examinations. In the first exam unit, students will study a combination of modern prose and drama, choosing from texts such as An Inspector Calls by J B Priestly, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, or The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. They will also look at a text that explores a different culture such as To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee or Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. With all texts for this subject, there is the opportunity to study the book in the context of film adaptations and modern performance. For the remaining two units, students will study an even broader range of texts. An entire unit will examine poetry by a wide range of authors. There will also be a unit that covers literary heritage texts – allowing students the chance to compare plays by Shakespeare side-by-side with classic novels by Dickens, Wells and others. Consequently, the course promises a full introduction to English Literature.

If any students struggle with both GCSEs, the department also offers a single entry English course. This offers a mix of the two GCSEs.