WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 22 October 2021

Happy half-term break!

As ever, we wanted to say thank you for all your support this half term. It’s been great to get back to more ‘normal’ procedures and activities, and although it hasn’t been without its challenges, we’ve had a great few weeks! We have been particularly impressed with how incredibly well students have responded to the need to wear face coverings again.

The first week back after the half-term break will be a B Week. School will therefore finish at 2.10pm on Wednesday 3 November for staff Continuous Professional Development.

Covid-19 – vaccinations and testing over half-term

The DfE is encouraging students to continue to test twice-weekly over the half-term break and preferably take an LFD test the night before they return to school. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

NHS England will also soon be opening an additional offer for 12 to 15 year olds to get their COVID-19 vaccine. Parents of children aged 12 to 15 will receive a letter from the NHS with more information on the vaccination programme shortly, including information about how to book an appointment.

Proposed merger consultation

A reminder that the consultation on the proposal for South Bank Multi Academy Trust to join with South York Multi Academy Trust will run until 3.00pm on 12 November 2021.

This letter contains full details about the proposal and consultation and you can complete the feedback form here (please note this will download as a Word document). Please email your completed form to consultation@southbanktrust.co.uk by the deadline.

Secondary school applications

Just a reminder for anyone with a child currently in Year 6, that applications for a secondary school place should be made by 31 October 2021.

Full admissions details can be found on our website or on the City of York Council website.

Post-16 Guide 

CYC have issued the “Planning your future” post-16 guide for 2021-2. It outlines all the different options available to Year 11 students when they leave Millthorpe. It is available to download here or from the Careers section of the school website.

Archbishop Holgate’s Sixth Form Open Evening

Archbishop Holgate Sixth Form Open Evening will be held on Tuesday 2 November, from 6.00-8.00pm.

Full details can be found here.

Sports practices

The following sports practices will take place after the October half-term until Christmas:

Lunchtime practices

After-school practices

As lunchtime is only 40 minutes long, students do not need to get changed into their PE kit, but they will need a change of footwear (trainers for the Sports Hall and plastic studded boots for the AGP). Students should come straight to practice and decide how to manage their lunch as they will not be able to eat in the Sports Hall or on the AGP. They may wish to eat a packed lunch at breaktime or just before or after practice.

After-school clubs take place between 3.20-4.20pm. Students should change into their kit in the Sports Hall changing rooms.

Everybody is welcome to come along. If you have any questions, please speak to one of the PE teachers.

Roots to Success 

Roots to Success is a programme run by the universities and colleges of York. Its aim is to encourage more students to consider Further or Higher Education as an option when they leave Millthorpe. They are now inviting applications from students in Years 8-9 who wish to join the programme.

Please see this letter which outlines the eligibility criteria. The closing date for applications is 7 November 2021.

ISSP lecture – What is endocrinology? 

The first ISSP lecture of the 2021-2 academic year will take place on Thursday 25 November. The topic will be “What is endocrinology?” As the lecture is virtual, it is open to all students in Years 7-8 – please see this letter which contains the link to register.

Snapchat safety warnings

Our police school liaison officer has asked that we make you aware that we are dealing with an increased prevalence of fake accounts that are being set up on Snapchat. These accounts are being used to contact students to attempt to engage in sexualised and inappropriate conversations and exchanges. We are also investigating reports of adult sexually explicit content sharing with young people via Snapchat.

Please support us in sharing the message that young people must not add others they do not know. We ask you to check your child’s phone regularly, in order to keep them safe. Please also be aware that without care taken with phone settings, others can locate your child via this app.

Please follow this link to a parent guide on how to keep your child safe on Snapchat.

How to keep safe on social media

All students in school have been provided with a booklet from CYC to help them keep safe online. This has been produced through a joint project between York St John University and the City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership.

Please ask your child to show you this booklet and discuss its contents with them. If your child has not received one, please ask them to speak to their Form Tutor after half term.

Student Diversity Group showcases Black British success

Millthorpe’s Student Diversity Group is a newly formed group of Year 11 students who have been working together to showcase Black British success and community work in the past and present. They recently shared their work with their peers in form groups during Black History Month.

The group, which was founded by students and supported by Ms Garner Steel, wanted to celebrate Black History Month by reminding us all that there have been influential Black British people for centuries. The group chose individuals who reflected their own interests and then shared their thoughts on what that person’s story meant to them.

Next half term, they will invite interested students from Years 9 and 10 to join them on their upcoming projects. You can read some of their reports here: Do you recognise the individuals from their photos?

Did you crack the code?

Thank you for taking part in our crack the code event this half term. Here are the answers in the order they were asked:

16, 13, 18, 5 and 9.

Then if a=1, b=2, c=3 etc you would get the letters: P, M, R, E and I, which you can rearrange to give the you the mathematical word:


Well done to all who cracked the code!

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 15 October 2021

Covid-19 – testing over half-term

The DfE is encouraging students to continue to test twice-weekly over the half-term break and preferably take an LFD test the night before they return to school. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Proposed merger consultation

As you will have seen in the letter dated 11 October 2021, a consultation has begun on the proposal for South Bank Multi Academy Trust to join with South York Multi Academy Trust. The consultation will run until 3.00pm on 12 November 2021.

The letter contains full details about the proposal and consultation. Our Trust Board would very much like to hear your opinion and would encourage you to respond to the consultation by completing the feedback form (please note this will download as a Word document). Please email your completed form to consultation@southbanktrust.co.uk by the deadline.

Student Leadership applications

Mr Black and Mr Sloan are delighted to open up applications for next year’s Student Leaders. This morning during assembly some of our current Year 11 Student Leaders spoke to the Year 10s about this fantastic opportunity which is open to everyone in Year 10.

If anyone would like to apply, the application form, which can be downloaded here, should be completed and returned by Friday 5 November.

Year 10 GCSE Art & Textiles visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Parents/carers of Art & Textiles students should have received an email outlining arrangements for the study visit next Friday, 22 October. Please note that students should bring a mask, wear casual, warm clothing including a waterproof jacket and footwear suitable for walking on grass and gravel.

To finalise arrangements it is important that all parents/carers complete the consent form, make payment and return the packed lunch order (Pupil Premium students only) via ParentPay by Monday 18 October please.

Thank you in advance for your support and apologies for the short notice.

Brandon Hunt to visit Millthorpe

Upcoming pop sensation Brandon Hunt is performing for Year 7-9 students next Tuesday and delivering some important PSHE messages in the process. He will have merchandise available including pens for sale at £1.00 and T-shirts at £7.50. You can find out more about Brandon here.

Wake up Wednesday – Apple Guided Access

This week’s ‘Wake up Wednesday’ from National Online Safety is about Apple Guided Access.

iPhones and iPads don’t offer separate user accounts, so when you hand your Apple device to a child to play a game or watch a video, you’re also handing them access to your email, the web, messaging and other apps through which they could accidentally do something regrettable.

Apple Guided Access solves this problem by letting you restrict the iPhone or iPad to one particular app whenever your child uses the device. If they try and leave that app, they will be asked for a password or Face ID, meaning they can’t access anything they shouldn’t.

In the guide, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to set it up and switch it on, so you can confidently let your child borrow your iPhone or iPad.

Can you crack the code?

It’s week 5 of our ‘just for fun’ Crack the Code puzzle…

In honour of this weekend’s Yorkshire Marathon (look out for the Maths Department’s very own Mr Bruce), this week’s puzzle has a marathon theme.

Round the official length of a marathon to the nearest mile, then divide this by the number of whole hours taken by Ethiopia’s Sissay Lemma in this year’s London Marathon, and finally subtract the number of minutes from his winning time minutes.

You should now have five answers… If numbers were letters you have an anagram of a maths word to solve. All the answers will be revealed next week.

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 8 October 2021

Early closure – Wednesday 13 October

As next week is B Week, school will finish at 2.10pm on Wednesday 13 October for staff Continuous Professional Development.

Personal Development sessions

We are planning to deliver breast awareness sessions to students in Years 10 and 11 over the next month or so as part of their Personal Development entitlement. We will be using materials developed by CoppaFeel!, a UK breast cancer charity set up to create awareness amongst young people. Although a serious matter, the message is delivered in a light-hearted way, empowering young people to kickstart healthy habits, for life.

We will also take the opportunity to discuss testicular cancer using materials supplied by Orchid, a charity set up to highlight the risks of male cancer. If your child has a close relative or friend that has gone through, or is going through, cancer, please do let us know so we can support them accordingly.

Proposed Merger Consultation

As you will recall, the Trustees of South Bank MAT are in discussion about a possible merger with South York MAT. Next week, Trustees from both trusts will be writing to parents, staff and other stakeholders to invite them to take part in a consultation on the merger proposal.

Dropping off students

For the safety of students, staff and visitors, a reminder that parents/carers are asked not to drive onto the school site to drop children off. Please find a convenient place, close to school, where you can pull over safely and without causing an obstruction to other road users.

Contacting school

  • Could we politely request that if you need to contact school, that you either call on T: 01904 686400 or if you need to email, please contact the relevant member of staff or E: admin@millthorpe.southbank.academy. Please do not use the news@millthorpe.southbank.academy email address to report student absence or illness.
  • If students or parents/carers have issues with Google Classroom, please contact Mr Hardy E: s.hardy@millthorpe.southbank.academy. Please do not contact Mr Ward with Google enquiries.

School uniform – a ‘thank you’

We have been incredibly impressed with how smart our students are looking in their uniform this half-term. At recent staff consultations, the uniform standards were highlighted as an enormous positive thus far in the academic year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents, carers and students for their support with this. Wearing a uniform brings a sense of pride, helps to create uniformity and relieves the pressure of your child deciding what to wear every day. The students are looking smarter than ever before and uniform infractions are virtually non-existent.

Please also remember that we have an Eco Laundry where you can purchase clean, pre-loved uniform items in good condition at excellent prices, which helps not only your budget but also the environment. If you would like to contact the Eco Laundry, please email ecolaundry@millthorpe.southbank.academy with your child’s name, sizes and the required items and our team of volunteers will let you know what we have available.

Labelling PE kit

Congratulations to all the students who have made such a strong start to the year with the organisation of their PE kit and participation so far. Can we remind parents/carers that as all students wear the same kit, having your child’s name in their kit is ESSENTIAL to helping you get your kit back quickly should it be lost or misplaced.

Sports fixtures

Details of sports fixtures can now be found on the school website. Please check back often as they are updated regularly!

Celebration Art Gallery for Year 11 Cohort 2021

Congratulations to all our Fine Art students on completion of their GCSE course this summer! We have created a ‘Celebration Art Gallery’ to showcase your artistic achievements featuring the piece you selected and at least one other piece chosen by your Art teacher.

The Gallery can be found here.

Computer Science homework

To support students with their Computer Science homework, PC1 and PC2 are available for students to come and complete their homework on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3.00-3.25pm.

Wake up Wednesday – a parent’s guide to Tinder

This week’s ‘Wake up Wednesday’ from National Online Safety left us somewhat taken aback as we would hope that none of our students are using, or even considering, online dating apps. However, as the guidance explains, until Tinder recently improved their management of age restrictions, there were a number of young people nationally who had bypassed these age restrictions to create profiles using dishonest dates of birth.

We would like to politely encourage parents/carers to check that their child(ren) does not have an app such as Tinder on their phones or devices and that you consider this advice.

Read the Parents’ Guide to Tinder

Family Matters courses

The short courses offered by Family Matters York give parents the opportunity to meet other parents and find out that they are not alone; to think about what they are doing with their children; and, in the light of the course material and ideas from other parents, decide if they want to make any changes.

The following courses, some online and some in person, are starting after half-term:

  • Handling Anger in the Family
  • Time Out for Parents – the Teenage Years
  • Time Out for Parents – Children with Additional Needs
  • Time Out for Dads

To book a place or for further information please contact Helen Atkinson on 07393 147259 or email helenatkinson@fmy.org.uk. You can also find more information on the Family Matters website.

Netball skills sessions for students in Years 7-13 

If your child is looking to improve their netball skills, they might be interested in the skills sessions offered through Raise Your Game. You can find out more here or by contacting Lead Coach, Catherine Fairclough at raiseyourgameyork@gmail.com

Huntington Rovers Football Club – U13 Boys

Huntington Rovers Football Club is looking for Year 8 boys to join its boys’ U13 football team, Huntington Rovers Red.

The team was very successful last season, with six players being selected to play for academy level football, five of whom are now playing for York City. This has left the team with a huge gap to fill!

The team is coached by Charles Colley, whose son previously attended Millthorpe School. To find out more, please contact Charles directly on T: 07968 599 013 or via the club’s website.

Girls U14 football team – keeper needed!

York RI Football Club is on the lookout for a goalkeeper to play in their U14s girls’ team (not U13s as we posted last week!). Anyone interested can find out more here.

Can you crack the code?

It’s week 4 of our ‘just for fun’ Crack the Code puzzle…

This week, Facebook and its associated apps went down, leaving many students feeling un-cone-ected with the wider world.
Multiply the number of hours that Facebook went down, by the second cube number. Divide this number by the positive square root of 36. Finally, take away the second prime number.

This will give you your fourth answer – keep a note. Clue 5 will follow next week…..

WEEKLY EMAIL Friday 1 October 2021

Teacher Training Day

A reminder that school will be closed to students on Wednesday 6 October for a Teacher Training Day and to allow preparation for the Open Evening.

Year 6 Open Evening – fully booked

Bookings for our Open Evening have been fast and furious and even though we added as many extra places as we could, all three slots on the evening are now fully booked.

We realise that some families may not have been able to secure a place. If that is the case and you would like to find out about alternative options to visit the school, please contact the School Office by calling T: 01904 686400 or E: admin@millthorpeschool.co.uk

Sex and Relationships Education

A revised policy for Sex and Relationships Education, taking into account statutory changes from September 2021, has been published in the policies section on the school website. Any comments should be addressed to Mr Noble, Head of Personal Development.

Millthorpe School Parents’ Forum

You will know from our recent ‘Meet the Tutor’ evenings that we really value the close working relationships we have with our parents. Last year saw the successful launch of our Parents’ Forum which saw a group of enthusiastic parents come together, via Google Meet, to discuss a range of new policies and future plans. We would like to say a big public ‘thank you’ to this group. Through positive debate and discussion, we were able to improve the provision which students benefit from at Millthorpe School.

We are now looking for a new group so that more parents can have the opportunity to shape the student experience. The group meets virtually, once per term and we do our best to schedule the meetings to suit as many people as possible. If you are interested in being part of a group, that is very much solutions focused, then please declare your interest using this Google Forms link.

(Please note: if you have a specific concerns directly relating to your child then please contact your child’s tutor rather than using this stakeholder voice opportunity.)

Wake up Wednesday

This week’s ‘Wake up Wednesday’ from National Online Safety relates to Pokemon Go, a game that was very popular a few years ago and has seen a recent resurgence. However, as the guidance explains, there are several concerns associated with the game so please see the advice for more information.

Mobile phone use

Please can we politely remind all parents and carers that students are not permitted to use their mobile phones during the school day, including break and lunch.

If you need to contact your child urgently during the school day, please contact the Main Reception on 01904 686400 and we will arrange for you to speak to your child. Students who use their phone during the school day will have it confiscated for the remainder of that day.

Additionally, please can we encourage parents and carers to speak to their child(ren) about their mobile phone use when walking to and from school? Students should ensure that their mobile phone use is not distracting them from their ability to walk to school safely and cross busy roads.

Information for parents/carers of Year 11 students

A number of parents/carers asked questions about next steps at post-16 for Year 11 students, at the recent Meet the Tutor evening. Our Careers Advisor, Rachel Howlett, has collated answers to these questions – you can see the document here or in the careers bulletin.

If you have any queries, please contact Rachel at E: r.howlett@millthorpe.southbank.academy

Computer Science homework

To support students with their Computer Science homework, PC1 and PC2 are available for students to come and complete their homework on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3.00-3.25pm.

Talk: The small things that matter 

Entomologist, Erica McAlister, from the Natural History Museum, is giving a talk next Friday, 8 October, at 7pm, all about flies! Further information can be found here and you can email events@stpetersyork.org.uk or call 01904 527300 to book tickets.

Girls U13 football team – keeper needed!

York RI Football Club is on the lookout for a goalkeeper to play in their U13s girls’ team. Anyone interested can find out more here.

Crack the code

It’s week 3 of our ‘just for fun’ Crack the Code puzzle…

Mrs Myers turns 40 in March (What?! That cannot be right). As a birthday surprise, her lovely colleagues in the Maths Department are arranging for Gary Barlow (the lead singer and most talented member of boy band Take That) to sing her Happy Birthday (ssshhh, don’t tell her).

On Mrs Myers’ birthday, what will the age difference between her and Gary Barlow be?

Add to that, the number of members in the original band Take That and the first prime number.

This will give you your third answer – keep a note. Clue 4 will follow next week…..