The curriculum for Key Stage 3 is based on a two week timetable with 50 one hour long lessons, five hours per day.

SubjectYear 7Year 8Year 9
English7 Hours5 Hours5 Hours
Maths6 Hours6 Hours6 Hours
Science6 Hours6 Hours6 Hours
Modern Foreign Languages6 Hours8 Hours8 Hours
Art2 Hours2 Hours2 Hours
Design Technology4 Hours4 Hours4 Hours
History3 Hours3 Hours3 Hours
Geography3 Hours3 Hours3 Hours
ICT2 Hours2 Hours2 Hours
Music2 Hours2 Hours2 Hours
PE4 Hours4 Hours4 Hours
RE2 Hours2 Hours2 Hours
Drama1 Hours1 Hours1 Hours
PSHE1 Hours1 Hours1 Hours

All students study French until Easter then both French and German till the end of Year 7.

The majority of students continue to study French and German in Years 8 and 9. A small number of students will study only one language. Some students will be invited to study Spanish after school.

Design Technology consists of Food Technology, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles.