Our Values

We respect all members of school and our community.

We will treat all people with equity and seek equal opportunities for all.

We have high expectations of the young people at Millthorpe, both in terms of behaviour and achievement.

We value kindness and will care for those in need.

We are an inclusive school and are tolerant of different views and cultures.

We will be honest with each other.

We value difference and we are open-minded about other ways of being and living.

We are proud of our school and our community.

When we do something wrong, we accept responsibility and put it right.

We work hard because achievement is built on hard work.

We will be consistent and fair.

Outcomes We Want

Our students will have high value qualifications and achieve their full potential.

Our students will be socially skilful and possess skills for adult life and employment.

Our students will be respectful of self and others.

Millthorpe will be the school of choice.

We will be proud of our school.

Students will develop confidence and enjoy their time at school.

Students will be good citizens, locally and globally.

Students will participate widely in extra curricular opportunities.

Our students will be resilient and try hard.

We will have good links with our community and other schools.

Our students will have high self-esteem.

Our Expectations

Of Students

  • Attend school every day and be on time
  • Give respect to other students and staff
  • Word hard
  • Do your best and be determined
  • Be ready and willing to learn
  • Behave well and follow school rules
  • Be self-controlled
  • Be enthusiastic and participate
  • Become a global citizen
  • Have goals for yourself

Of Staff

  • Teach inspiring lessons
  • Be professional, organised and committed
  • Be fair and consistent with students
  • Use discipline well
  • Have a passion for your subject
  • Show respect to students
  • Care for students and offer individual support
  • Work well in teams and communicate well
  • Be a reflective practitioner and develop your practice continuously
  • Be smartly dressed
  • Have high expectations

Of Parents

  • Be interested in your child’s education
  • Read letters, sign planners, keep in touch
  • Ensure your child is equipped and prepared
  • Be a partner to the school
  • Encourage your child
  • Be a good role model for your child
  • Contribute to school life
  • Support school decisions and expectations
  • Ensure attendance and punctuality
  • Be loyal to school
  • Embrace opportunities for your child
  • Attend parents’ evenings

Of Governors

  • Show vision and make the right decisions
  • Consider everyone’s opinion
  • Be a critical friend
  • Promote the school
  • Come into school often and know how the school works
  • Become actively involved in school
  • Be decisive
  • Be professional, reliable and hardworking