Friday 21 October 2016

Syria Appeal
A huge thank you to everyone who donated items for our Syria appeal last week and to the students, staff and other volunteers who helped pack it up ready for transportation. We were overwhelmed with the number of items we received and the generosity you have shown – it will make a tremendous difference to families in Syria at this perilous time.

Year 11 Pre Public Exams
The Pre Public Exams for Year 11 are taking place from Monday 21 November until Friday 2 December. These exams are of vital importance to our students as they will give them an accurate assessment of where they are in their learning and highlight areas that need more work before their final GCSEs in May and June 2017. The results will also be used in some subjects to decide the level of exam that they will sit in their GCSEs. For more information please see the Pre Public Exams letter and timetable on the website.

Year 9 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 15 November 2016
A reminder that the Year 9 Parents’ evening is taking place on Tuesday 15 November. If you have not requested any appointment times but would like to, please visit

Further Education Open Events
Post-16 Open Evenings at York’s Sixth Form schools and colleges are taking place during the first two weeks of November. Please visit the Post-16 Education Page on the school website for more information on the open evenings and links to the post-16 providers.

Year 10 Work Experience Meeting
Thank you to the parents and carers who attended the Work Experience meeting earlier this week. Copies of the Work Experience letter and agreement form, which were handed out on the evening, along with the presentation and NYBEP website instructions are available on the Work Experience Page on the school website. If you have any questions about the Work Experience Programme please contact Mrs Anderson, Work Experience Co-ordinator on

PE Sports Practices
An updated list of PE Sport Practices which now includes basketball practices is available on the school website.

Midday Lunchtime Supervisor
We are looking to recruit a Lunchtime Supervisor to support a student with additional needs during the lunch break each day. The role would involve one to one work with a student and oversight in the dining hall and around school. For further details please contact Mrs Griffiths, Director of Inclusion on