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2015 Masterclass Programme

This year’s masterclass programme is taking a new, exciting direction to push and challenge York’s most able and interested students.

What is a human?

‘What is a human?’ is a huge question that has fascinated people throughout history which can be thought about from a wide variety of perspectives. You will choose one of three pathways in order to explore this question.

  • A Scientific Approach (may include elements of Maths, Science, Psychology, Food Technology and Computer Science)
  • A Humanities Approach (may include elements of History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology and Language Awareness)
  • Creative Arts Approach (may include elements of Art, Creative writing, Poetry and Film making)

You should choose the pathway that interests you the most and where you feel your strengths lie. This will be the pathway you study in depth during the three-week period. You will also examine the philosophy of the question and, as you are an able and interested student, have the challenge of experiencing the perspective of a different pathway.

The masterclasses will take place over 3 Saturdays in March 2015 – 7, 14 & 21 – and will run from 1.30pm to 5pm. You will attend all 3 Saturdays.

Year 7 and 8 masterclasses will take place at Bootham School.

Year 9 to 13 Masterclasses will take place at St Peter’s School.

Opinionate! – 12 February 2015, University of York

Human Rights and the Media

Are you opinionated? Are you aiming to go to university to study politics, international relations, journalism, law, history…? Do you love debate? Why is there such a debate over human rights? Do you want to learn more? YES?

Come to this session of Opinionate! Our theme will be focussed on Human Rights and the Media. Can you trust the news? can you discern fact from fiction when controversial topics are reported? Work with students studying human rights at masters’ level, discuss the issues and ask questions to deepen your own understanding. Come and learn how to critique the media and find out the facts behind the headlines.

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For more information on the ISSP events and an application form please see Mrs Lingard.